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Farm Hitch and Towing Equipment



Does the sound of the Rodeo buzzer tell you you’re home? Do you get up early, sweat all day under the sun and fall into bed late just to do it all again the next day?

From the racetrack to the rolling fields, you have work to do. There’s livestock to feed, dirt to plow and only so much sunlight in a day. CURT has what you need to get the job done and Bring It® with confidence.

A helping hand on the farm or ranch

As a farmer, you work hard, and you count on your equipment to keep up. CURT offers a full line of heavy-duty towing products to give you a helping hand on the farm or ranch.

Whether you’re transporting your thoroughbred to the racetrack or hauling fertilizer out to the field, CURT is the name you can trust to never quit when the going gets tough.

Fully stocked to outfit your truck

The CURT gooseneck hitch lineup is fully stocked to outfit your truck to be the workhorse it was meant to be. Our OEM puck system gooseneck kits utilize the truck bed puck system installed on many pickups today.

Each kit includes a gooseneck ball, safety chain anchors, a rubber hole cover and a sturdy carrying case. Hitching up your flatbed or livestock trailer couldn’t be easier.

One-person, no-measure installation

For trucks without the OEM puck system, the CURT Double Lock EZr™ is the gooseneck hitch of choice, featuring a one-person, no-measure installation, 30,000 lbs. of raw towing power (GTW) and a limited lifetime warranty.

The EZr™ installs with vehicle-specific under-bed mounting brackets, and it provides a flip-and-store 2 5/16” trailer ball to hitch up to most gooseneck trailers. We also offer a variety of other gooseneck hitches, including OEM-style hitches, to fit your truck-trailer setup.

Tested to handle the largest of trailers

For conventional trailers, CURT class 5 Xtra Duty and class 5 Commercial Duty hitches are tested to 17,000 and 20,000 lbs. respectively, to handle the largest of trailers.

All class 5 hitches feature a vehicle-specific design for a custom fit, an industry-leading Bonderite® and powder coat finish for maximum rust resistance, and a limited lifetime warranty. CURT class 5 trailer hitches are best complemented with our forged ball mounts.

Bring that giant trailer to a controlled stop

To bring that giant trailer to a controlled stop, the CURT TriFlex™ brake control is the ideal companion. It uses a triple-axis sensor to detect the momentum of the trailer on any grade and apply the perfect amount of brake pressure for a smooth, safe stop.

The TriFlex™ easily installs with a vehicle-specific harness, and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Additional help around the farm

For additional help around the farm, CURT offers a herd of accessories, including heavy-duty safety chains, pintle hooks and mounts, adjustable channel mounts, an extended view tow mirror and heavy-duty gooseneck trailer wiring.


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Haul with Confidence

As a farmer, you work hard, and you count on your equipment to keep up. CURT offers a full line of heavy-duty towing products to give you a helping hand on the farm or ranch.

Whether you’re transporting machinery around the farm, hauling seed out to the field or moving your livestock between barns, CURT is the name you can trust to never quit when the going gets tough.

What type of farm towing are you doing?

Smart farming equipment

More and more, farming is enhanced and assisted by technology, whether it’s precisely navigating a tractor through a field, calculating fertilizer blends or checking rainfall percentages.

When it comes to towing around the farm or ranch, CURT offers a growing number of smart solutions to improve efficiency and safety in your work.

Gooseneck Towing

Towing gooseneck farm trailers

To tow any farm trailer with a gooseneck-style coupler, you need a gooseneck hitch in your pickup truck bed. A gooseneck hitch provides a heavy-duty trailer ball for connecting to livestock trailers, horse trailers, flatbed trailers and more.

CURT offers gooseneck puck system kits, traditional gooseneck hitches and 5th wheel gooseneck options to suit the existing platform of your farm truck.

5th wheel farm conversion

If your pickup truck is already equipped with 5th wheel hitch brackets, you can easily convert it into a farm work truck, using a CURT 5th wheel gooseneck hitch.

This type of hitch adapter allows you to tow gooseneck farm trailers, while retaining use of your 5th wheel rails.

Farm truck trailer wiring

Plug in your gooseneck trailer to your farm pickup with CURT’s dependable towing electrical solutions. First, make sure your truck is equipped with the right trailer connector. Then, optimize your truck layout with an extension harness.

Echo Trailer Brake Controller Farmer Truck FordEcho Trailer Brake Controller Farmer Truck Ford

Control wirelessly!

The Echo® mobile brake controller uses your smartphone as a brake controller interface, wirelessly syncing with your phone and eliminating the need for a traditional controller and installation.

Echo® simply plugs in between the truck-trailer 7-way, and it’s highly portable and weather-resistant.

BetterWeigh Measures Trailer Truck Weight PinBetterWeigh Measures Trailer Truck Weight Pin

Know what you tow!

The BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale takes out the guesswork when it comes to the weight of your truck and trailer.

It simply plugs into your OBD-II port, syncs with your smartphone and provides real-time towing and hauling weights.

Pintle Towing

Pintles and ring hitches

One of the most common settings for pintle hitches is in farming and agriculture. Pintle hitches and rings are rated for as much as 60,000 lbs., making them a suitable asset for farm work.

CURT offers receiver-mount and plate-mount pintle hitches, including pintle hooks and ball pintle combination hitches.

SecureLatch Pintle Farming Hitch Ball RingSecureLatch Pintle Farming Hitch Ball Ring

Auto-lock your pintle hitch

The SecureLatch™ series of pintle hitches streamlines the coupling process for your farm truck and trailer, featuring an auto-locking mechanism.

The hooks are also engineered with a unique, cupped shape that reduced chucking with each start and stop.

Bumper Pull Towing

Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Farm HitchRebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Farm Hitch

Comfort, control and confidence

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch is one of the best farm towing accessories to improve comfort and control over your trailer.

This shock-absorbing hitch reduces jerking and jarring at the coupling point, improving ride quality and reducing strain on your truck.

Maximizing farm truck capabilities

A front mount receiver hitch is a great way to add more functionality to your farming pickup truck. A front hitch can be used to attach a winch mount, tow hook or even a snow plow.

CURT front hitches are tested and rated for a straight-line pull capacity of 9,500 lbs.

Heavy-duty equipment transportation

Make sure your farming equipment, materials and other heavy-duty cargo are properly secured before transporting. CURT has farm-ready solutions for your pick up truck and trailer.

Power your work

All types of trailers, including bumper pull farm trailers, require the right wiring components for safe towing. Make sure your pickup and trailer are outfitted properly before towing.

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Other farm towing accessories

Towing agricultural trailers is heavy-duty business, and CURT has several work-ready towing solutions to make sure your truck and trailer are pulling safely.

Also check out our complete list of trailer parts and full offering of towing accessories.