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5th Wheel Rail Gooseneck Hitches

5th Wheel Rail Gooseneck Hitches

If your truck is already set up with 5th wheel base rails, a CURT 5th wheel rail gooseneck hitch allows you to tow gooseneck trailers, using the existing 5th wheel rails. The hitch drops into any industry-standard rails and provides a gooseneck ball.

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CURT 5th Wheel Rail Gooseneck Hitches Transform Your Tow

A CURT 5th wheel rail gooseneck hitch, also known as a gooseneck rail hitch or a gooseneck hitch for 5th wheel rails, allows a pickup truck with 5th wheel rails to tow a gooseneck trailer. The gooseneck rail hitch typically includes a plate that is mounted onto the 5th wheel rails and has a ball in the center for the gooseneck trailer to connect to.  

One of the primary benefits of using a CURT gooseneck hitch for rails is that it allows for greater flexibility in towing different types of trailers with a single vehicle. By installing 5th wheel rails and a gooseneck rail hitch, a driver can quickly and easily switch between towing a 5th wheel trailer and a gooseneck trailer. This can be especially useful for those who tow trailers for work or recreation, as it eliminates the need to have multiple vehicles or hitches. 

Another advantage of using a CURT gooseneck hitch for 5th wheel rails is that it is generally less expensive than purchasing a dedicated 5th wheel hitch and a separate gooseneck hitch. By using the existing 5th wheel rails and adding a gooseneck rail hitch, drivers can tow a variety of trailers with just one pickup truck. The gooseneck rail hitch is also removable and can be easily stored when not in use. 

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