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Electrical Adapters

Electrical Adapters

If your vehicle has a different connector type than your trailer, a CURT adapter offers a simple, reliable solution for bridging the connection. We offer everything from 4-way flat to 7-way RV blade, as well as extension harnesses and OE connector options.

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CURT Electrical Adapters for towing RVCURT Electrical Adapters for towing RV

CURT Electrical Adapters Provide a Reliable Trailer Connection

CURT towing harness adapters make connecting trailers to vehicles with different wiring systems simple. A CURT trailer plug adapter, trailer wiring adapters factory harness electrical adapter, 2-way electrical adapter, 4-way electrical adapter, or 6-way electrical adapter is a quick and easy way to create a seamless connection between a tow vehicle and trailer with differing wiring harnesses.  

A CURT trailer plug adapter fits into the vehicle's existing wiring harness, while a trailer wiring adapter converts a vehicle's wiring system to match that of the trailer. Factory harness electrical adapters connect a vehicle's factory-installed towing package to a trailer. 

Our 2-way electrical adapters connect a two-function trailer to a four-way wiring system, while 4-way adapters are the most common type used to connect most trailers to most vehicles. 6-way adapters are used for more advanced trailers and vehicles with more complex wiring systems. 

CURT towing harness adapters ensure proper connection between the vehicle and trailer electrical systems, allowing the trailer's lights, turn signals, and brake lights to function correctly. It is important to choose an adapter that is compatible with both the vehicle and trailer's wiring systems.