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Trailer Safety Chains

Trailer Safety Chains

Safety chains are essential for any towing setup, providing a backup connection between the vehicle and trailer coupling point. CURT trailer safety chains and cables are available in capacities from 2,000 up to 24,000 lbs. We also offer binder chain for securing heavy-duty cargo.

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CURT Safety Chains 

CURT trailer safety chains are an essential component for safe towing and are designed to provide a secondary connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle in case the main hitch fails or becomes disconnected during transit. 

CURT trailer safety chains are made from high-strength steel, which ensures that they can withstand the weight of the trailer and its contents. Our trailer safety chains come in different lengths and weight capacities, made for differing size and weight trailers.  

Choosing the appropriate chain length and weight capacity for the trailer being towed is important, as trailer safety chains that are too short or too weak can be ineffective in preventing accidents. 

Trailer safety chains use S-hooks or clevis hooks, which provide a secure connection and fit easily and securely onto the trailer hitch. Additionally, CURT trailer safety chains are available treated with protective zinc, vinyl or nylon coating to prevent rust and corrosion, which can weaken the chains over time. 

CURT trailer safety chains are a crucial component for safe and secure towing and provide an added layer of protection in case the hitch fails or becomes disconnected, and are essential for anyone who tows a trailer.