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Plugs and Sockets

Plugs and Sockets

Whether you're replacing an old connector or installing new trailer wiring, CURT plugs and sockets offer reliability and a perfect fit. We carry everything from 4-way flat to 7-way RV blade for both vehicles and trailers. We also have mounting brackets and dust covers.

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CURT plugs and sockets are available in all standard connector formats and are designed to give you a reliable connection every time you plug your trailer into your vehicle.

CURT offers several different connectors to accommodate various types of trailers and vehicles. Our most basic connector is a 2-way flat for plugging in an electronic accessory. We also have 4-way flat, 4-way round, 5-way flat, 6-way round, 6-way square, 7-way round and 7-way RV blade connectors.

Connect your brake lights, turn signals, running lights, reverse lights, electric brakes, auxiliary power and more!

All CURT connectors are made with quality to be long-lastin,g and many have bonded wires to keep the connection neat and protected. Most of our flat connectors feature rubber-molded construction, while our round connectors come in plastic and die-cast metal options. Many of our connectors include or are compatible with dust caps to keep them well protected from dust, rain and road grime, giving you a solid connection for many miles to come.

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