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Trailer Jacks

Trailer Jacks

CURT offers a variety of quality trailer jacks, including swivel jacks, marine jacks, A-frame jacks and heavy-duty direct-weld square jacks to accommodate your trailer with the right fit and function. We also carry a number of accessories and replacement parts to promote long-lasting operation.

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A CURT Trailer Jack is Durable & Perfect for Any Type of Trailer

A CURT swivel trailer jack is a type of trailer jack used to support and stabilize trailers when they are not attached to a vehicle. They are designed to swivel and rotate for easy positioning and storage, making them a popular choice among drivers who frequently move their trailers around. 

Our marine trailer jacks are a special type of swivel jack that are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust. Our marine trailer jacks also often feature waterproof seals and other features to protect them from the elements. 

A CURT A-frame trailer jack is a type of trailer jack that is designed to mount on trailers with an A-frame tongue and are typically made of durable steel or other metals and can support heavy loads, making them an excellent choice for drivers who frequently tow large or heavy trailers. 

CURT heavy-duty direct-weld square jacks are a type of trailer jack that is designed to mounted directly onto the trailer frame and offer superior stability and support compared to other types of jacks and are ideal for drivers who tow very heavy or bulky loads. 

When choosing a trailer jack for your trailer, it is important to consider factors such as the weight of your trailer, the type of tongue you have and the environment in which you will be using the jack. A high-quality jack like a marine trailer jack or heavy-duty direct-weld square jack can provide the stability and support you need for safe and trouble-free towing.