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Original Equipment Replacement Connectors

Original Equipment Replacement Connectors

If your vehicle is equipped with an existing USCAR or other OEM socket, CURT offers a reliable replacement option. Our USCAR connectors and Dodge 8-prong connectors plug into the factory vehicle socket to provide a standard trailer wiring connector. We also offer a splice-in USCAR replacement.

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CURT USCAR Connectors Offer Reliability & Longevity

CURT USCAR connectors provide a standardized electrical connection for every day towing. The 7-way USCAR electrical connector is one of the most common types of USCAR connectors and provides a reliable and secure connection for a variety of electronic systems, including trailer towing and other applications. The 7-way USCAR connector is typically used to connect a vehicle's electrical system to a trailer or other towing equipment, and it can support a wide range of electrical functions.

The 7-way USCAR electrical connector includes seven pins, each of which serves a specific function. These pins provide power to the trailer's electrical system and control trailer lighting and braking systems. The specific pin assignments can vary depending on the application, but the standard pin assignments are well-established and widely used.

USCAR connectors are commonly used because they are standardized across all vehicle makes and models. Because the connector is widely used and well-established, it is easy to find compatible equipment and replacement parts. This can simplify maintenance and repair tasks, and it can help ensure that a vehicle's electrical system is properly configured for any towing or other applications.

One of the key advantages of CURT USCAR connectors is reliability. Our connector are designed with the highest quality to provide a secure and stable connection even in harsh environments, and it are resistant to weather and corrosion, and are made for longevity and many miles of use. 

CURT 7-way USCAR electrical connectors are highly reliable and work for a wide variety of towing applications and are trusted because of their ability to provide a secure and reliable connection for a wide range of electrical functions.

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