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Meet Echo

An Evolution In Control

The Echo® mobile trailer brake controller is the first of its kind, providing an entirely new towing experience.
It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, turning it into a brake controller interface.
Its compact, portable design allows for easy, app-enabled access when in use, transfer from one vehicle
to another, and convenient storage when not in use.

Wireless Portability

Fast, plug-and-play operation

Bluetooth Enabled

Connects wirelessly to smartphone

Tool-free Install

No permanent, invasive installation

Designed for the Road Ahead

Simple, Fast Operation

In three easy steps...

1 Download the Echo® Smart Control App

2 Insert Echo® between vehicle and trailer 7-way

3 Configure settings and tow

Echo® Smart Control App Features

Device and Vehicle Memory

Forget memorizing each of your tow settings every time you switch trailers. The app gets you on the road faster by storing unlimited vehicle-trailer profiles for fast, convenient access.

Control at Your Fingertips

Custom-designed app allows you to control brake settings, calibrate output and monitor all brake activity with the touch of a finger.

Smart Safety Settings

Echo® will continue to function safely, using the most recently programmed settings, if the Bluetooth connection is lost. It will also notify you with error messages in the event your trailer becomes disconnected or is overloaded during travel.

See How It Works:


1. What happens if my phone dies or the Bluetooth connection is lost?

Once Echo® is configured, the unit will stay on the last saved setting even if the phone dies or the Bluetooth connection is lost. If Bluetooth is disconnected, the unit will continue to function on the last saved setting, but the manual override function will be lost.

2. How does Echo® know when to brake?

The Echo® applies the trailer brakes when the vehicle's brake pedal is pressed and its triple-axis accelerometer senses stopping motion.

3. If I already have a brake controller installed and I want to upgrade to Echo®, do I need to disconnect and remove the existing brake controller?

If a functioning 12V 7-way is installed on your vehicle, Echo® will override an existing trailer brake controller unit. There is no technical need to uninstall a hard-wired unit.

4. How far does the Bluetooth signal reach?

The Echo® brake controller is designed to provide Bluetooth connection up to 50 ft. without obstruction. This may also be limited by the Bluetooth signal strength of your phone.

5. Will my screen stay on while using the app?

Yes, the app will prevent the phone screen from going into sleep mode. If you'd prefer that your phone be in sleep mode, you can turn off the screen. However, as mentioned under question 1, you will lose the manual override function.

6. Can anyone hack into my Echo® via Bluetooth?

No, you're only able to connect to the Echo® unit using the Smart Control app and by entering the pin stored under the cap or within the installation instructions.

7. Will the app work with my phone?

The Echo® Smart Control app is compatible with Apple IOS 5 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher.

8. Is Echo® compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

No, Echo® is not compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. However, it will not interfere with these features either.

Are you ready for a smarter towing experience?