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Gooseneck Extension Harnesses

Gooseneck Extension Harnesses

A CURT gooseneck wiring harness allows you to route a 7-way socket into your truck bed for plugging in and towing a gooseneck trailer. We offer gooseneck trailer wiring kit options in various lengths and connection styles to fit any pickup truck.

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CURT Gooseneck Trailer Wiring Harnesses Provide a Reliable Connection

A CURT gooseneck 7-way RV blade wiring harness is the solution for wiring up your truck and preparing to tow a gooseneck trailer. With the correct wiring extension harness, you can tow safely and legally while keeping all your trailer lights in working order. 

CURT gooseneck trailer wiring harnesses come in various lengths and are designed to provide a reliable electrical connection from your truck to your gooseneck trailer. They are typically available in 7-way RV blade style, the most common wiring connection for gooseneck trailers. 

Our gooseneck extension wiring harness also come in varying lengths, which allows you to fit various truck and trailer combinations. The gooseneck trailer wiring harness is designed to work with the OEM connectors on your vehicle and works to activate your turn and brake signals when towing a gooseneck trailer. 

CURT extension harnesses are made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials and come with secure connectors to protect against dirt and moisture to ensure a reliable connection and the protective sleeve helps protect from abrasion and pinching.  

When choosing a gooseneck trailer wiring harness, be sure to select the right length for your needs. A wiring harness too short may not reach the gooseneck connection on your trailer, while one that is too long can create a safety hazard with excess wiring dangling from your trailer. 

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