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Trailer Sway Control

Trailer Sway Control

Trailer sway can quickly turn from annoying to dangerous if left unchecked. A CURT sway control unit or trailer sway bar helps restrict this motion and can easily be mounted on any CURT weight distribution hitch. We also offer the TruTrack™ WD with integrated sway control.

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CURT Sway Bars Provide Stability & Peace of Mind When Towing

CURT trailer sway bars are an essential tool for towing a trailer, particularly in situations where the trailer is at risk of swaying or fishtailing. Our trailer sway bars work by providing additional resistance to side-to-side movement, helping to stabilize the trailer and keep it on track. 

One of the key benefits of a CURT trailer sway bar is their ease of use. They can be quickly and easily attached to your trailer hitch, allowing you to set up and adjust them as needed. This allows you to fine-tune the level of resistance to suit your specific towing situation. 

Additionally, CURT trailer sway bars are effective at preventing sway when driving in windy or gusty conditions, or when encountering sudden changes in terrain. A trailer sway bar works by providing a significant amount of resistance to swaying and fishtailing, helping to keep your trailer stable and on course.  

When selecting a trailer sway bar, it's important to choose one that is appropriate for your specific towing needs. CURT offers a range of sway bar options with varying levels of resistance, so you can find one that suits your specific situation.