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Tow Hooks & Tow Straps

Tow Hooks & Tow Straps

CURT tow hooks provide a reliable anchoring point for vehicle recovery applications. They are available as a bolt-on installation for mounting on the bumper, or as a hitch mount for inserting into the receiver tube. We also offer a versatile tow strap with an 18K rating.

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CURT Tow Hooks Provide A Reliable Recovery & Towing Point

CURT tow hooks are a reliable and durable solution for vehicle recovery and towing and are designed to provide a secure attachment point for tow straps and chains, allowing for safe and efficient towing of a stuck or disabled vehicle. CURT tow hooks are available in different styles and capacities to accommodate different towing needs.

One of the key benefits of CURT tow hooks is their strength and durability, as they are made of high-quality, forged steel which is resistant to wear, corrosion, and damage. They are also tested and certified to meet industry standards for strength and safety, ensuring a reliable and secure connection during towing.

CURT tow hooks are also easy to install and use and can be attached to the frame of a vehicle using bolts or welded on for a permanent installation. Once installed, they provide a strong and stable attachment point for tow straps and chains, making them a practical solution for vehicle recovery and towing.

Another benefit of CURT tow hooks is their versatility. They can be used with a variety of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. They are also compatible with different types of tow straps and chains, allowing for flexibility in towing setup.