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7-Way Electrical Adapters

7-Way Electrical Adapters

CURT offers several different 7-way adapters, adapting a 7-way round or 7-way RV blade vehicle socket to be compatible with a number of different, smaller trailer plugs. We also carry adapters with integrated LED testers, backup alarms and LED taillight compatibility.

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CURT 7-Way Adapters are Essential for RVs and 5th-Wheel Towing

CURT 7-way RV blade electrical adapters, also known as 7-pin trailer adapters or 7-way trailer plug adapters, provide a greater range of electrical connections than the basic 4-way adapter. They have seven pins that correspond to specific functions of a trailer's electrical system, including auxiliary power, electric trailer brake power, and reverse lights.

Using a CURT 7-way RV blade electrical adapter is simple - just plug it into the vehicle's existing wiring harness and connect the corresponding pins to the trailer's wiring system. They are easy to install and typically color-coded and labeled for easy connection.

7-way trailer plug adapters, or 7-blade electrical adapters are essential for larger RVs and trailers that have multiple electrical components and provide a secure and reliable connection and allow for a wider range of electrical functions to be used with the trailer, making them a popular choice among RV enthusiasts and professional haulers.

CURT offers quality 7-pin trailer plug adapters and electrical products and harnesses to help you establish a reliable connection from your tow vehicle to your RV or trailer so that when it comes time to tow you're ready and problem free.