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Rebellion XD Ball Mount and RockerBall

Rebellion XD Ball Mount and RockerBall

For increased comfort, control and confidence, hitch up with ShockDrop™. These innovative hitch accessories dynamically adapt to bumps and uneven roads, reducing the effects of jerking and jarring. ShockDrop™ towing accessories offer a smoother ride, prolonged life of your vehicle and are virtually maintenance-free.

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Enhanced comfort without the high-maintenance

ShockDrop™ towing products are a new generation of cushion hitches for trucks, engineered to maximize driving comfort while maintaining simplicity of design.

The Rebellion™ XD hitch and RockerBall™ trailer ball reduce jerking, jarring, noise and vibrations from your trailer. But unlike other shocker hitch, torsion hitch and airbag hitch options, these products are extremely simple, highly durable and virtually maintenance-free – no airbags or bearings to service.

CURT Rebellion XD Cushioned Ball Mount Receiver HitchCURT Rebellion XD Cushioned Ball Mount Receiver Hitch

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Rebellion™ XD adjustable ball mount

The Rebellion™ XD ball mount features an integrated polyurethane isolator that dynamically absorbs shock loads and noise from the uneven road. It provides increased comfort, enhanced driver control and extended vehicle longevity.

The Rebellion™ XD is tested and rated for heavy-duty towing. It features an adjustable height to level your trailer, and it is compatible with a variety of accessories for versatile towing options.

CURT Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Shocker HitchCURT Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Shocker Hitch

RockerBall™ trailer ball

The RockerBall™ is a fusion of ShockDrop™ technology with the traditional tow ball. It features a pivoting mechanism and polyurethane isolators to allow the ball to dynamically react to the movements of the trailer, producing smoother, quieter, more controller towing.

This trailer ball can be installed on most standard ball mounts – anything with a 2-1/2-inch wide tongue and 1-inch ball hole. The ball is highly tested for big towing jobs, and it comes in various ball diameters to couple to any standard trailer tongue.

CURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch BallCURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch Ball
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