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Flat Towing

Flat Towing

Flat towing your vehicle behind your RV is safe, secure and easy with CURT flat towing products. We have tow bars, hitches, base plates and wiring -- everything to hitch up your vehicle and enjoy the adventure!

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CURT Makes Flat Towing Easy

Flat towing is a very convenient way to have an extra vehicle when camping. CURT has the accessories you need for dinghy towing a vehicle behind your motorhome or RV. We have the tow bars, hitches, base plates and wiring harnesses necessary to flat tow a car, truck or SUV behind your camper. 

In order to flat tow, your dinghy vehicle will first need a tow bar which has two long arms and attaches the dinghy to the RV receiver via the base plate. The tow bar pivots side to side for smooth towing and turning. A tow dolly can also be used for dinghy towing.  

Your RV will also need a base plate specifically for flat towing your vehicle, as each base plate works with specific tow bars and vehicles. To select the right base plate, look up your vehicle by its year, make and model. If you are flat towing with a dolly, a base plate will not be needed. 

Your RV will also need a receiver in order to dinghy tow. When flat towing a vehicle, the receiver hitch height must be within 3 inches of the tow bar base plate. To properly flat tow, the dinghy will also need a dinghy harness to synchronize the dinghy lights with the RV for safe towing.  

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