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Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

CURT inertia-based trailer brake controllers offer smooth, precise stops, applying the exact amount of brake power based on the vehicle's momentum. Time-based brake controllers also offer effective braking based on gain setting, and they provide a more budget-friendly option.

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A Trailer Brake Controller to Fit Your Lifestyle

CURT leads the towing industry in brake controllers because we start by thinking from the customer back. Our goal is to offer you the best brake control option to meet your needs, budget and lifestyle, allowing you to pursue more of what you love.

With everything from our award-winning, smartphone-compatible Echo® mobile brake controller to our innovative, integrated, OEM-style Spectrum™, CURT brake controllers are engineered for intuitive design, ease of installation and true longevity.

CURT Brake Controllers Spectrum OEM Dash Mount KnobCURT Brake Controllers Spectrum OEM Dash Mount Knob

Explore CURT electric brake controllers:

CURT Brake Controller Echo Mobile 7-Way RV Blade PlugCURT Brake Controller Echo Mobile 7-Way RV Blade Plug

Echo® Mobile Brake Controller #51180

Echo® is a Bluetooth® enabled brake controller that wirelessly connects to your smartphone to control and monitor all trailer brake activity. It simply plugs into the 7-way RV blade connection between your vehicle and trailer and is ready for setup. It is extremely portable and easily transferable between vehicles.

Echo® is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones and has a highly weather-resistant construction for long-lasting reliability.

CURT Integrated Brake Controller SpectrumCURT Integrated Brake Controller Spectrum

Spectrum™ Integrated Brake Controller #51170

The Spectrum™ integrated brake controller is the ultimate in achieving an original equipment look and feel in your vehicle. It features a simple but powerful push-button rotary knob with ten tri-color LEDs that serves as the interface for monitoring and controlling all trailer brake activity.

The simple knob mounts on the vehicle dash while the separate main module mounts out of sight for a seamlessly integrated look.

CURT Brake Controller TriflexCURT Brake Controller Triflex

TriFlex™ Trailer Brake Controller #51140

The TriFlex™ is a powerful proportional brake controller, built around an integrated triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer circuit. This circuit is able to detect the inertia of the vehicle on three axes and deliver a proportional amount of power to the trailer brakes, ensuring a smooth, controlled stop every time.

This towing brake controller kit offers nine levels of sensitivity adjustment and is compact to remain unobtrusive inside your vehicle. It functions well as a brake control for camper or larger trailers.

CURT Brake Controller DiscoveryCURT Brake Controller Discovery

Discovery™ Time-Delay Brake Controller #51120

The Discovery™ electric brake controller is a time-based unit meaning that it applies an increasing amount of brake pressure based on the settings entered by the driver and the amount of time the driver has his or her foot on the brake pedal.

This CURT trailer brake box offers a simple, durable design with no internal moving parts and no leveling required. It also features a digital display for clear, accurate readings.

CURT Brake Control VenturerCURT Brake Control Venturer

Venturer™ Time-Delay Brake Controller #51110

The CURT Venturer™ is a basic truck brake controller that offers reliable trailer braking and a budget-friendly option. It operates based on the gain setting entered by the user and the amount of time the brakes are applied.

This CURT brake control box is constructed with no internal moving parts and offers a very simple setup. It provides an LED indicator display that lengthens as the controller applies power.

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