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SecureLatch™ Auto-Locking Pintle Hitches


SecureLatch™ pintle hitch products are all about streamlining the trailer hookup process to be as automated as possible and get you on the road faster and safer. Our aim is to make hitching up your trailer completely stress-free.

SecureLatch™ towing equipment is designed to be versatile, strong and long-lasting at the professional level.


SecureLatch™ is a series of pintle hitches and lunette rings engineered with an auto-locking mechanism. Hooking up your trailer with SecureLatch™ is as easy as Strike. Drop. Auto-lock.

SecureLatch Operation - Strike Back PlateSecureLatch Operation - Strike Back Plate

1. Strike: Back up your vehicle to the trailer. An integrated strike plate on the pintle hitch helps stop and center the lunette ring.

SecureLatch Operation - Drop Lunette RingSecureLatch Operation - Drop Lunette Ring

2. Drop: With the lunette ring centered on the pintle hook, drop the ring down onto the hook by lowering the trailer jack.

SecureLatch Operation - Pintle Auto-LockSecureLatch Operation - Pintle Auto-Lock

3. Auto-lock: The auto-locking latch will engage without the need for manual coupling. Just insert the safety pin!


CURT SecureLatch Ball Pintle Receiver Hitch - 48407CURT SecureLatch Ball Pintle Receiver Hitch - 48407
CURT SecureLatch Pintle Hook Receiver Hitch - 48405CURT SecureLatch Pintle Hook Receiver Hitch - 48405
CURT SecureLatch Ball Pintle Hitch - 48411CURT SecureLatch Ball Pintle Hitch - 48411
CURT SecureLatch Pintle Hook - 48505CURT SecureLatch Pintle Hook - 48505
CURT SecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Mount - 48543CURT SecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Mount - 48543
CURT SecureLatch Adjustable Lunette Ring - 48641CURT SecureLatch Adjustable Lunette Ring - 48641
CURT SecureLatch Flush-Mount Lunette Ring - 48661CURT SecureLatch Flush-Mount Lunette Ring - 48661


Cupped hook

Each SecureLatch™ pintle hook and ball pintle combination has a unique cupped design that holds the lunette ring more tightly, fore and aft. Compared to other pintle hitches, this greatly reduces chucking and noise.

SecureLatch Cupped Pintle Hook HitchSecureLatch Cupped Pintle Hook Hitch

Slotted pintle mounts

Instead of fixed height positions, SecureLatch™ pintle mounts have vertical slots to level the trailer. This eliminates the need to disassemble and reassemble the pintle hitch to adjust the height. Simply loosen the bolts and precisely raise or lower as needed.

The bolts provide 48,000 pounds of clamp pressure when torqued for complete confidence and security.

SecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Mount Slotted ChannelsSecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Mount Slotted Channels

Safety chain hangers

SecureLatch™ pintle hooks and hitches come with a safety chain hanger bracket that holds the safety chains up when connected, keeping them from scraping on the ground.

These hangers are also designed to fail in the event of a trailer disconnect, ensuring proper function of the safety chains. The hooks can easily by bent back into shape as needed.

SecureLatch Safety Chain Hangers Pintle HitchSecureLatch Safety Chain Hangers Pintle Hitch

Built-in lunette ring lock

Each SecureLatch™ lunette ring has a locking pin that integrates with the eyelet for built-in trailer security. The pin covers the lunette ring opening when uncoupled and has a hole at the end to accept a padlock.

When the lunette ring is hitched up for towing, the pin easily repositions 90 degrees to be out of the way.

SecureLatch Lunette Ring Security PinSecureLatch Lunette Ring Security Pin

Integrated back plate

Unlike other pintle accessories, SecureLatch™ pintle hooks and ball pintle combinations have an integrated back plate. When backing up to a lunette ring, this back plate helps stop and center the ring for proper coupling.

SecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Hitch with Back PlateSecureLatch Adjustable Pintle Hitch with Back Plate
SecureLatch Pintle Hitch ReceiverSecureLatch Pintle Hitch Receiver



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