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Channel Mounts & Adjustable Ball Mounts

Channel Mounts & Adjustable Ball Mounts

A CURT adjustable trailer hitch ball mount is the ultimate solution for towing different types of trailers, providing easy vertical adjustment for level towing. CURT 2-inch channel mounts are the ideal adjustable drop hitch for lifted trucks. They feature a built-in anti-rattle for quieter towing, and they are available with multiple coupling attachments.

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A Drop Hitch Transforms Towing with Large Trucks

Level towing is important for any vehicle-trailer setup, and CURT adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts provide easy vertical adjustment to accommodate virtually any towing combination. They offer a dependable, functional drop down hitch option, perfectly suited for lifted trucks and other large vehicles.

Shop CURT drop hitches, channel mounts and adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts to find the perfect fit for your next big job or adventure.

CURT Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball MountCURT Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Shop CURT adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts

Adjustable channel mounts

CURT channel ball mounts are one of the best drop hitch options, adjusting up or down to level your trailer, particularly when towing with a pickup truck or lifted truck. The channel provides multiple holes for incremental adjustments and precise leveling. Many models can also be flipped to maximize drop or rise.

CURT adjustable hitch receiver channel mounts are available with various accessory options, including a dual ball, pintle hitch, trailer ball tongue and hitch step.

CURT Drop Hitch Adjustable Channel MountCURT Drop Hitch Adjustable Channel Mount

Deep drop hitch channel mounts

CURT deep drop channel mounts provide maximum versatility for height adjustment. We offer 10-inch drop hitch options to accommodate virtually any pickup truck or lifted vehicle to ensure level towing.

CURT deep drop adjustable hitch receiver mounts are constructed from high-strength forged steel, tested for exceptional safety and finished with a durable powder coat for long-lasting rust resistance.

CURT Deep Drop Down Hitch for Lifted TrucksCURT Deep Drop Down Hitch for Lifted Trucks

Drop pintle hitches

A CURT drop pintle hitch increases the versatility of your vehicle, providing flexible height adjustment and allowing you to couple to additional trailer types. The pintle ball and hook combo can connect to a traditional coupler, lunette eye or drawbar.

CURT adjustable pintle hitches feature a flip-over shank for maximum drop or rise, and the pintle hook has a spring-loaded arm for enhanced security.

CURT Adjustable Pintle HitchCURT Adjustable Pintle Hitch

Multi-purpose adjustable ball mounts

CURT multi-purpose ball mounts are designed to provide a variety of coupling options in one receiver hitch accessory. Options include traditional ball and coupler connections with multiple hitch ball sizes, and clevis bar and lunette eye connections.

Whatever you’re towing, CURT multi-purpose hitches offer flexible vertical adjustment to ensure level towing of your vehicle and trailer.

CURT Adjustable Drop Hitch Multi-Purpose MountCURT Adjustable Drop Hitch Multi-Purpose Mount
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