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Towing Locks

Towing Locks

CURT offers a variety of lock styles that add security to your adventures. Our trailer locks, hitch locks and coupler locks help protect against theft whether you're towing or leaving your trailer parked. We also carry specialized locks such as locking hitch pins to add security to your vehicle, trailer and cargo.

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A CURT Trailer Lock Adds Extra Security

CURT hitch locks and coupler locks help you have peace of mind on your towing adventures, whether you’re vacationing at the campground, making a trip to the city dump or taking your boat out on the water.

Before you buy a trailer lock, a coupler lock or a locking hitch pin, browse your options and make sure you have the right fit for your vehicle, trailer and preferences. 

Shop CURT hitch locks and trailer locks

CURT Receiver Hitch LockCURT Receiver Hitch Lock

Hitch locks for your receiver

CURT hitch locks secure your hitch receiver, locking the inserted shank in place. The shank could belong to a ball mount, pintle hitch, cargo carrier or other hitch accessory.

CURT trailer hitch locks are available to fit any industry-standard receiver tube size, and they are available in various styles and finish options to give you a lock that suits your towing setup.

CURT Trailer Coupler LockCURT Trailer Coupler Lock

Coupler locks for your trailer latch

CURT trailer latch coupler locks feature a locking pin that passes through the coupler latch, disabling it from being engaged or disengaged from a hitch ball. This is useful for adding security, whether the trailer is hooked up to the vehicle or parked by itself.

CURT coupler locks come in different styles and finishes. They can be used as a boat trailer lock, utility trailer lock, trailer trailer hitch lock and more!

CURT Trailer LockCURT Trailer Lock

Trailer locks for your trailer tongue

Similar to our latch-style coupler locks, CURT trailer locks engage the trailer tongue to prevent it from engaging with a trailer ball. Trailer locks are different, however, in that they are only meant for a trailer that is left parked and unattended. A trailer lock cannot be used when the trailer is hitched up to the vehicle.

Trailer locks are available in multiple styles, including over-lip style and a shackle style. They work well as a boat hitch lock, travel trailer lock and more.

CURT Trailer Wheel LockCURT Trailer Wheel Lock

Specialty locks for extra protection

CURT specialty towing locks include everything from wheel chock locks to spare tire locks. These tow locks are intended to help you further secure your vehicle and trailer, beyond just a standard hitch lock and coupler lock.

Lock types and features

Right-Angle Hitch Lock TypeRight-Angle Hitch Lock Type


Right-angle hitch and coupler locks provide ergonomic access to the keyhole. Instead of straining to reach the keyhole from the side, the perpendicular head swivels to always point in the right direction.

Barbell Hitch Lock StyleBarbell Hitch Lock Style


The barbell is the traditional style for hitch locks. The design is compact, subtle and effective. One end of the lock is a knob to secure the pin, while the other is a key-operated removable cap.

Deadbolt Hitch Lock StyleDeadbolt Hitch Lock Style


The deadbolt hitch lock is another traditional style. This type of lock has a hitch pin with a bent handle on one end. The other end of the pin inserts into a deadbolt cylinder or square to secure the shank.

Hitch Lock Pin with AdapterHitch Lock Pin with Adapter


Hitch locks with an adapter sleeve enable use with different receiver sizes. Standard receiver pin holes are 1/2” or 5/8”. A 1/2” lock with a 5/8” sleeve equips the lock to fit various hitch classes.

Segmented Adjustable Trailer Latch Lock StyleSegmented Adjustable Trailer Latch Lock Style


This type of trailer coupler lock has a pin with multiple segments, allowing the lock cylinder to be incrementally adjusted. The lock can be secured at each segment to fit a range of coupler spans.

Lip Slide Coupler Lock StyleLip Slide Coupler Lock Style


The over-lip coupler lock slides over the trailer tongue opening, blocking a ball from being inserted. This type of lock is great for adding security to a parked trailer. It cannot be used for towing.

Shackle Coupler Lock StyleShackle Coupler Lock Style


A shackle trailer lock is similar to an over-lip coupler lock, engaging the trailer tongue opening to prevent a ball from being inserted. A metal shackle then secures over the top of the coupler.

Padlock Trailer Lock StylePadlock Trailer Lock Style


A coupler padlock is a compact style of trailer lock with a short pin, offering subtle, low-profile trailer security. A trailer padlock can be used to keep the coupler latch engaged or disengaged.

Anti Rattle Hitch Lock StyleAnti Rattle Hitch Lock Style


An anti-rattle hitch lock combines the security of a trailer hitch lock with the sound-dampening functionality of an anti-rattle kit. An anti-rattle lock deters theft as well as vibrations.


Right-angle hitch and coupler locks provide easier, ergonomic access to the keyhole. Instead of straining to reach the keyhole from the side, the perpendicular head swivels to always point in the right direction.

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