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Clevis Hooks

Clevis Hooks

The CURT clevis hook with safety latch is an exclusive design to give you the advantage in your industrial and commercial towing. We make our clevis hooks from heat-treated, forged steel to be strong and meet all the requirements for high-test chain. The safety latch is a unique mechanism that provides added security for your load.

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CURT Clevis Hooks are Made for Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

CURT clevis hooks are a heavy-duty and reliable option for securing loads and towing trailers. Our clevis hooks are forged from steel, which ensures they can handle the weight and stress of heaving duty towing. 

CURT clevis hooks are designed to quickly and easily attach to chains or straps, making it easy to secure loads and trailers. They also feature a spring-loaded latch that helps to prevent accidental disconnection, providing added safety and peace of mind when towing. 

CURT clevis hooks are available in a range of size and weight capacities to suit different towing needs, up to 65,000 lbs. They come in opening sizes from 1/2" up to 1-1/3", They are also available with either clear zinc or yellow zinc finishes, which helps to protect the hooks from rust. 

CURT clevis hooks are also versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, from agriculture, construction and industrial settings. CURT clevis hooks are also commonly used for off-road applications, where their heavy-duty construction and secure attachment are essential for safe towing.