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Trailer Hitch Locks

Trailer Hitch Locks

Make your tow vehicle and trailer more secure by keeping them locked up tight with a CURT trailer hitch lock. Like a hitch pin and clip, a hitch lock is designed to insert into the fastener hole in the side of a receiver tube and hold a ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place. While a CURT hitch pin does offer sufficient strength for keeping your ball mount firmly attached, a trailer hitch lock goes one step further.

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Secure Your Hitch With a CURT Trailer Hitch Lock

A CURT trailer hitch lock is a high-quality locking mechanism designed to secure your trailer hitch receiver and is made of durable, hardened steel, making it resistant to cutting, drilling, and other forms of tampering. Our trailer hitch lock are available in a variety of sizes to fit different hitch sizes, from 1-1/4" to 2" and 2-1/2" or 3" receivers. 

CURT trailer hitch lock features unique designs that prevent the lock from being picked or bumped, providing an additional level of security. It also comes with a protective cap to keep dirt and debris out of the locking mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. 

A CURT trailer hitch lock is easy to install and use and simply slides into the hitch receiver and is secured with a key, making it a convenient and practical solution for securing your trailer hitch. The lock is also compatible with other CURT towing accessories, including ball mounts and cargo carriers. 

One of the key benefits of a CURT trailer hitch lock is its versatility. It can be used to secure a wide range of trailers, including boat trailers, RVs, and utility trailers. It is also compatible with a variety of towing vehicles, including cars, trucks and SUVs. 

Overall, a CURT trailer hitch lock is an excellent choice for drivers who want a secure and reliable locking mechanism for their trailer. Its durable construction, unique design, and ease of use make it a top choice among towing enthusiasts. By choosing a CURT trailer hitch lock, you can ensure that your trailer remains safe and secure while on the road or in storage.