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3-to-2-Wire Taillight Converters

3-to-2-Wire Taillight Converters

A CURT 3-to-2-wire taillight converter converts a vehicle's 3-wire electrical system to be compatible with a 2-wire trailer system, providing a standard 4-way flat wiring harness connector. These converters are available in powered and non-powered options.

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CURT 3-to-2-Wire Taillight Converters Offer Reliability & Flexibility

CURT taillight converters allow vehicles with separate turn signals and brake lights to connect to trailers with combined turn signals and brake lights. The most common type of CURT tail light converter is the 3-to-2-wire converter, which can be further divided into powered and non-powered versions.

A powered 3-to-2-wire taillight converter requires a power source to operate and works by tapping into the vehicle's 12-volt battery. The converter uses this power to operate a relay or transistor that separates the turn signal and brake light circuits, allowing the trailer to operate both functions independently. CURT powered converters are recommended for larger trailers that require more power to operate their lights.

Non-powered 3-to-2-wire taillight converters, on the other hand, do not require a separate power source and simply use the voltage from the vehicle's taillight circuits to operate. Non-powered converters are typically used for smaller trailers with fewer lights, and are generally less expensive than powered converters.

CURT offers both powered and non-powered 3-to-2-wire converters, as well as a variety of other towing electrical components. CURT taillight converters are designed to be straightforward to install, and each taillight converter kit comes with all the neccessary wiring for installation. CURT 3-to-2-wire taillight converters are also durable and weather-resistant, with sealed housings that protect the internal electronics from moisture and corrosion.

Taillight converters are an essential component for towing trailers, especially for vehicles with separate turn signals and brake lights. CURT powered converters and non-powered converters are a reliable choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, easy-to-install converter for their towing needs.

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