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CURT Electric Trailer Jacks

CURT Electric Trailer Jacks

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cranking and hello to convenience at the touch of a button. Whether you're hitching up the camper for a weekend getaway or connection your utility trailer for a day on the job, our electric trailer jacks are designed to simplify the process, making hookup a breeze.

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Redefining Ease and Efficiency in Trailer Stabilization

Revolutionize your towing experience with our electric tongue jacks, tailored for A-frame trailers. Bid farewell to manual labor as you effortlessly raise and lower your trailer with auxiliary power. Boasting robust lift capacity, the helical-cut gears ensure whisper-quiet and smooth functionality.

Embark on your towing adventures confidently with our Power Stance™ tongue jack, featuring a groundbreaking 2-way to 7-way plug powering system. The Power Swap Auxiliary Cord™ facilitates seamless connection directly to your tow vehicle, preserving your RV power.

Built to withstand the rigors of the road, our Power Stance trailer jack boasts a textured casing that provides exceptional protection against chips and cracks, ensuring longevity and durability. Enjoy enhanced durability with our enhanced rocker switch, designed to withstand frequent use and provide reliable operation. Plus, for added peace of mind, our jack includes an emergency crank-through socket, offering a backup solution in case of power failure.

With an impressive 3,500-lb. lift capacity, our Power Stance electric trailer jack offers the strength and reliability you need for all your towing needs.

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