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Anti-Rattle Hitch Pins & Clamps

Anti-Rattle Hitch Pins & Clamps

CURT anti-rattle hitch pins and clamps offer smoother, quieter towing for a more enjoyable ride. A trailer hitch anti-rattle pin has a threaded shank to tighten down on the ball mount and keep it from vibrating in the receiver. An anti-rattle hitch clamp can be used with a hollow or solid shank.

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Stop a Rattling Hitch before it Starts

When towing, there is nothing more annoying than a hitch connection that shakes, rattles and clunks as you drive down the road. This rattling sound comes from a small amount of play between the receiver tube and the shank. If this gap is significant enough, it can even lead to sway in the load.

A CURT anti-rattle hitch pin eliminates the problem of a vibrating hitch connection by securing it with a metal bracket and threaded bolt. The bracket and bolt serve as a sort of anti-rattle hitch tightener. The anti-rattle shim or bracket inserts into the ball mount shank and accepts the threaded bolt. Once tightened, the bolt and bracket assembly firmly hold the ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory in place and ensure rattling and chucking are no longer a problem.

CURT offers anti-rattle trailer hitch pins and anti-rattle hitch locks for extra, key-operated security. They are made from steel to be strong enough to resist rattling noises even with large trailers. CURT anti-rattle kits are available in multiple sizes and styles to fit a variety of towing setups.

For any trip -- whether it is up to the lake for the day or from coast to coast -- CURT has the secret. Our anti-rattle hitch pins and locks make your towing experience more enjoyable no matter what you are hauling.

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