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Brake Controller Wiring & Brackets

Brake Controller Wiring & Brackets

Each CURT quick plug brake controller wiring harness is designed for a custom fit, meaning it has vehicle-specific connectors to plug in without any splicing required. All CURT trailer brake controller wiring is equipped with quick plugs for the easiest possible install.

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CURT Has the Brake Controller Wiring Harnesses & Brackets You Need

CURT trailer brake controller wiring harnesses and brake controller brackets are important components for any towing setup. The wiring harness connects the trailer brake controller to the vehicle's electrical system, while the bracket holds the controller in place.

The trailer brake controller wiring harness is also a critical component, as it provides the electrical connection between the vehicle and the trailer brake controller. It is important to choose a brake controller wiring harness that is compatible with the vehicle's electrical system and the trailer brake controller being used. Following the manufacturer's instructions for installation is essential to ensure the wiring harness is installed correctly and functioning properly.

CURT trailer brake controller bracket holds the brake controller in a convenient and accessible location. CURT brake controller brackets are strong and durable and securely hold the weight of the controller. The bracket should also be positioned in a location that is easy for the driver to reach while driving. 

When choosing a brake controller wiring harness and bracket, it is important to consider the towing capacity of the vehicle and the weight of the trailer. Some wiring harnesses and brackets are designed for use with specific trailer brake controllers or vehicles. It is important to choose components that are compatible with the specific towing setup to ensure safe and efficient towing.

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