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Rear Mount Trailer Hitches

Rear Mount Trailer Hitches

From compact cars to full-size trucks, CURT rear mount trailer hitches offer a custom fit. Each one is made in the USA and is tested to SAE J684 for safety. We also give our receiver hitches industry-leading rust protection with a unique co-cured finish, inside and out.

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How to Choose a Trailer Hitch for Your Vehicle

A CURT trailer hitch receiver connects you to your lifestyle -- whether that's working, playing, camping, boating, biking or all of the above. Equipping your car, van, truck or SUV with the right hitch opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to tow a variety of trailers and cargo for whatever adventure is in store.

Choosing the best trailer hitch for your vehicle is simple with CURT. Virtually all of our hitches are made vehicle-specific. All you need is your vehicle's year, make, model and style.

SUV CURT Hitch Towing Teardrop Camper

Step 1: Look up your vehicle

CURT trailer hitches are made for a custom fit. For almost every vehicle on the road today, we have a unique trailer hitch design. A custom fit ensures easier installation, maximum towing capacity and optimal look and integration with the spare tire and other vehicle design features.

Custom hitches also make it very easy to find the right fit for your vehicle. Begin by looking up your vehicle in our Select Your Vehicle tool near the top of the page. Enter the year, make, model and sub model, if needed.

CURT Hitch Select Your Vehicle Year Make Model

A. Select your vehicle

Look up your vehicle by the year, make, model and sub model.

CURT Hitch View All Parts for Your Vehicle

B. View all parts

Tap the All Parts button to see everything that fits your vehicle.

CURT Hitch Vehicle Lookup Results Page

C. Browse products

On the results page, tap a specific hitch or other part to learn more.

CURT Hitch Adjustable Mount Install

Multiple hitch options may be available

After entering the year, make and model, you will be able to view the trailer hitch or trailer hitches that are specifically tailored for your vehicle. Other custom towing equipment may be shown as well.

Some vehicles may have more than one option to choose from. In this case, it is helpful to understand that trailer hitch receivers are divided into five classes.

Car CURT Hitch Cargo Carrier

Step 2: Select a hitch class

Trailer hitches come with different receiver tube sizes and towing capacities. The receiver tube is the receptacle that accepts a ball mount or other towing accessory. It comes in an industry-standard size of 1-1/4", 2" or 2-1/2".

The towing capacity of a hitch is measured in terms of gross trailer weight (GTW). This is the total weight of the trailer being towed.

To make things easier, every towing hitch is placed into one of five classes, based on its receiver tube size and weight ratings.

What are the trailer hitch classes?

Class 1 Hitch for Car

Class 1 hitches

1-1/4" receiver tube

Up to 2,000 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on cars and crossovers

Class 2 Hitch for Minivan

Class 2 hitches

1-1/4" receiver tube

Up to 3,500 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on cars, CUVs and minivans

Class 3 Hitch for SUV

Class 3 hitches

2" receiver tube

Up to 12,000 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on CUVs, vans, SUVs and trucks

Class 4 Hitch for Truck

Class 4 hitches

2" receiver tube

Up to 14,000 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on trucks and SUVs

XD Class 5 Hitch for Truck

Xtra Duty class 5 hitches

2" receiver tube

Up to 17,000 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on trucks and SUVs

CD Class 5 Hitch for Chassis Cab Truck

Commercial Duty class 5 hitches

2-1/2" receiver tube

Up to 20,000 lbs. gross trailer weight

Common on full-size, dually and cab and chassis trucks


Truck CURT Hitch Towing Boat Trailer

Step 3: Consider what you'll be towing

If multiple trailer hitches are compatible with your vehicle, it can be helpful to consider what and how often you'll be towing.

If you're planning to frequently tow heavier trailers, you should maximize your towing potential with a higher-rated hitch and larger hitch receiver. If you'll only be towing light-duty trailers or using the hitch receiver for cargo management with a bike rack or cargo carrier, a smaller trailer hitch may be sufficient.

Note: Always abide by the lowest-rated towing component, including the vehicle.

Car CURT Hitch Bike Rack

Also consider vehicle aesthetics

Vehicle aesthetics may also be a factor when buying a trailer hitch. CURT offers tow hitches with round tube bodies and square tube bodies. A round body hitch will provide a sleeker look but may cost a little more.

There are also options for concealed versus exposed hitches. A concealed hitch means that the main body is hidden up underneath the vehicle, providing a more original equipment look and feel.

Truck CURT Hitch Towing Horse Trailer

Step 4: Add accessories to your trailer hitch

After you've selected a hitch for your vehicle, you may need to purchase some additional hitch-mounted accessories or cargo management accessories.

Our custom trailer hitches come with all necessary hardware for a complete installation. However, you will also need a ball mount to couple to your trailer. Remember to choose a ball mount with enough towing capacity and the correct shank and trailer ball size.

CURT Trailer Hitch Testing

Performance finish and testing

All CURT custom trailer hitches are tested to the most stringent industry standards. The safety of you, your loved ones and your fellow adventurers on the road is the highest priority. As such, we thoroughly test each of our tow hitch designs to SAE J684 specifications.

Every one of our custom hitches is also covered in our dual BonderiteĀ® and powder coat finish, providing industry-leading protection again rust and the elements.

Capacity is limited by lowest rating

When purchasing a trailer hitch, it is always important to keep weight capacity in mind. Weight ratings vary from hitch to hitch, and just because a hitch is rated for a certain gross trailer weight capacity, doesn't necessarily mean your vehicle can handle that much weight.

Any time you hitch up to tow, always abide by the lowest-rated towing component, whether that's the hitch, the vehicle, the trailer or a towing accessory.

CURT Receiver Hitch Coupled Trailer
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