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Discover the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale



Proper setup when towing or hauling requires knowing trailer weight, tongue weight, etc. Obtaining these measurements in the past has been difficult, requiring trips to the scale, a tape measure, pen, paper and so on. These challenges lead to infrequent and inconsistent measurements, and drivers are left to make assumptions about what they tow.



The BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale #51701 takes the guesswork out of towing and hauling, by measuring the real-time, live weights of your vehicle, trailer and more.

BetterWeigh™ is a portable vehicle weight scale and trailer weight scale for the smartphone age. Powered by TowSense™ technology and equipped with Bluetooth®, it provides safer towing and easier setup, all with virtually no installation requirements.

Just plug it into the vehicle diagnostic port (OBD2).

Shop BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale #51701Shop BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale #51701

Download the app

Download the BetterWeigh App from the App StoreDownload the BetterWeigh App from the App Store
Download the BetterWeigh App from Google PlayDownload the BetterWeigh App from Google Play
What BetterWeigh Measures - Tongue Weight ScaleWhat BetterWeigh Measures - Tongue Weight Scale

Learn more about each BetterWeigh™ function


TowSense™ technology is a digital towing scale system. Using an accelerometer circuit, TowSense™ measures changes in the velocity and pitch of your vehicle. It uses this data to calculate weights associated with towing and hauling.

Armed with TowSense™ technology, the BetterWeigh™ tongue weight scale wirelessly connects to your Apple or Android phone to display the weight of the vehicle, trailer, cargo / payload, tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution and trailer brake gain.

How It Works

CURT BetterWeigh - How It Works EquationCURT BetterWeigh - How It Works Equation

Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. Force is determined by measuring slip across the torque converter as the vehicle accelerates. Acceleration is determined by an onboard accelerometer.

BetterWeigh™ uses these properties to calculate the weight of your vehicle, trailer, cargo and more. With the unit calibrated, it can measure real-time weight while driving or at a standstill, and at any upward or downward grade.

CURT BetterWeigh Mobile Towing ScaleCURT BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale


1. Get peace of mind

With BetterWeigh™, there’s no more guesswork. Whether you’re hitching up a trailer or loading the truck bed with cargo, you can easily decide if your vehicle is overloaded or safe to haul.

The BetterWeigh™ truck weight scale is also ideal for 5th wheel and gooseneck towing, quickly and easily measuring the pin weight.

Towing with BetterWeigh Scale - Heavy-Duty GooseneckTowing with BetterWeigh Scale - Heavy-Duty Gooseneck

2. Enjoy added convenience

BetterWeigh™ eliminates the need to drive to a vehicle scale or trailer scale to weigh your towing setup. It also eliminates the hassle of using a bathroom scale to measure tongue weight.

BetterWeigh™ is similar to heavy-duty on board truck scales. Just plug it in and link to your smartphone, using Bluetooth. The intuitive app is fast and simple to use.

Plug BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale into OBD-IIPlug BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale into OBD-II

3. Save time and money

BetterWeigh™ sends a live feed of the measured weight directly to your smartphone. This saves the hassle of having to get out and check a physical scale.

BetterWeigh™ is also less expensive compared to other tongue weight scales, vehicle weight scales and portable automotive scales.

Connect BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale to SmartphoneConnect BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale to Smartphone


1. Plug it in: Plug the BetterWeigh™ vehicle scale into your diagnostic port (OBD-II) below the steering wheel.

2. Pair your phone: Download the free BetterWeigh™ app. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Then, open the app to connect.

3. Calibrate: Finally, calibrate the BetterWeigh™, using your vehicle’s VIN number. Follow a few simple steps, prompted by the app.



The Weigh feature measures gross combined weight (GCW). This includes the vehicle, cargo, passengers and trailer. The BetterWeigh™ vehicle and trailer weight scale displays the weight within seconds of driving.

Weighing your towing setup provides peace of mind by removing the guesswork. Based on manufacturer’s vehicle towing recommendations, you can easily decide if your vehicle is overloaded. Using the trailer weight calculator, you can know the total weight of the trailer and decide if it is safe to tow.

Tongue Weight

The BetterWeigh™ is a digital trailer tongue weight scale. It helps you keep the tongue weight within the hitch and vehicle’s rated capacities. It also allows you to compare the tongue weight to the total trailer weight to verify that the trailer is properly loaded (tongue weight should be 10-15% of gross trailer weight).

Proper tongue weight is key for safe towing and avoiding trailer sway. Using this feature saves money on expensive tongue weight gauges and removes the hassle of using a bathroom scale.

Payload / Cargo

The truck payload calculator allows you to see how your cargo weight is changing in real time. As you're loading up the vehicle with cargo, equipment or materials, you can avoid exceeding the payload limits.

The BetterWeigh™ is much easier to use and more convenient than other vehicle scales and portable truck scales. It is helpful for estimating load charges at the dump or elsewhere.

Pin Weight

The BetterWeigh™ functions as a trailer tongue scale for gooseneck trailers and 5th wheel trailers. Its Pin Weight feature allows you to ensure that the vertical load is within the hitch and vehicle’s rated capacities.

You can also compare the pin weight with the total trailer weight to ensure the trailer is properly loaded (pin weight should be 20-25% of gross trailer weight).

Weight Distribution

Take the guesswork out of your weight distribution hitch setup! the BetterWeigh™ trailer weight distribution calculator gives you peace of mind and confidence, knowing that your hitch is set up correctly. The app measures automatically without the need for a tape measure, pencil and paper.

You can verify that your weight distribution hitch is set up and adjusted accurately every time, resulting safer towing.

Trailer Brake Gain

Setting up your trailer brake controller in the past has been a tedious trial-and-error process at best. BetterWeigh™ takes the blind guesswork out of the setup by giving you the exact brake gain needed to safely tow your trailer.

BetterWeigh™ uses the vehicle weight and a quick 15mph start-stop test to calculate the precise trailer brake gain setting for your brake controller.

Has Your Vehicle Been Pre-Calibrated With BetterWeigh?

Enter Vehicle VIN:

Calibrated for Weigh function
Calibrated for Suspension functions


  1. Will my phone work with BetterWeigh™?
    BetterWeigh™ is compatible with the iPhone iOS 10.3 or higher (i.e. the app works unless phone was last updated in 2017) and Android: 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and Bluetooth enabled (i.e. unless phone was last updated in 2015).
  2. Which phones are not compatible with BetterWeigh™?
    While most phones are compatible, Huawei phones, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are not currently supported.
  3. Will BetterWeigh™ work with my vehicle?
    BetterWeigh™ is compatible with gasoline vehicles 1996 or newer and diesel vehicles 2004 or newer. Most vehicles 2008 or newer will have preset calibration.
  4. How accurate is BetterWeigh™?
    BetterWeigh™ is approximately 95% accurate. This is in the range of other automotive gauges and trailer hitch scales, +/- 5%. It is not intended for weight certification.
  5. Do I need to calibrate BetterWeigh™ to my vehicle?
    Our Cloud database contains an extensive list of vehicles, eliminating the need for calibration for those vehicles in their factory condition. Just enter your VIN. If your vehicle is not in our database or has been changed from its factory condition – change in tire size, axle ratio change, non-stock torque converter, aftermarket suspension – manual calibration will be necessary.
  6. Will BetterWeigh work with manual transmission?
    Functionality on manual transmission vehicles is limited to payload, tongue weight, pin weight and weight distribution.
  7. Will BetterWeigh™ work if I have air suspension? Airbags? Auto-leveling?
    In almost every case, yes. Usually the suspension modification needs to be turned off (or airbags put to lowest PSI). Then the vehicle can be calibrated. Please contact Product Support for specific questions.
  8. Will BetterWeigh™ work with my tuner?
    The tuner and BetterWeigh™ are used at different times. Most users just plug in the BetterWeigh™ when they are weighing. BetterWeigh™ settings are saved in the app, so unplugging does not require a new setup.
  9. Does BetterWeigh™ require an internet connection?
    Only for the initial setup
  10. Can I leave BetterWeigh™ plugged in all the time?
  11. Can BetterWeigh™ show a digital readout?
    The app uses an analog gauge. The gauge can be resized in the Settings, based on the expected weight range.
  12. Is there a red line showing the weight rating of my vehicle?
    No, but this is a feature we are discussing for future app updates.
  13. Does BetterWeigh™ display weight on the axles?
    No, but the Weight Distribution feature shows how extra trailer weight is distributed. It works when parked, with the weight distribution system engaged.
  14. What if I modified my truck by adding a lift kit and larger than stock tires, do I need to re-calibrate?
    Yes, it is recommended to do a re-calibration if any modifications have been done from stock, including installing additional accessories to the interior or exterior of your vehicle.
  15. Where can I weigh my trailer?
    Using the BetterWeigh™ trailer hitch scale, you can weigh your trailer and vehicle virtually anywhere, as long as you are parked on a flat surface.
  16. BetterWeigh™ is asking to turn on Location Services. How do I turn it on?
    BetterWeigh™ does require Location Services to be turned on, but please note we do not utilize any of the location data. The screenshots below highlight the general steps required to enable “Locations Services” on an iPhone or Android.


Android Location Services PathAndroid Location Services Path


iPhone Location Services PathiPhone Location Services Path




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