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Heavy Duty Truck Hitches & Commercial Towing Equipment



From the construction site to the industrial park, there is hard work to be done, and you don’t have time to mess around with equipment that doesn’t measure up.

Whether you’re hauling a flatbed trailer full of steel, gravel and concrete or towing the skid steer out to the groundbreaking, tough jobs require serious tools. CURT has the reliable, heavy-duty towing products to help you own the job and do it right the first time.

Everything you need to Bring It® to the jobsite

CURT offers a variety of heavy-duty towing products, from hardworking trailer hitches to high-strength cargo management equipment – everything you need to Bring It® to the jobsite.

Our class 5 Commercial Duty receiver hitches are made vehicle-specific for your full-size truck, and they are equipped with a 2 1/2" receiver tube and 20,000-lb. rating for towing the heaviest of conventional trailers. Like all of our custom hitches, they also feature an industry-leading finish, inside and out, for superior rust, chip and UV protection.

Taking things a step further

To take things a step further, the CURT gooseneck lineup was designed with hard work in mind. Our OEM puck system gooseneck kits are the ideal option for trucks with the truck bed puck system.

Each kit includes a gooseneck trailer ball, safety chain anchors, a rubber hole cover and a durable carrying case for convenient storage. To tow with the OEM puck system kit, simply drop in the ball and anchors, and you’re ready to hitch up your trailer.

The easiest possible installation

Also for gooseneck towing, we offer OEM-style gooseneck hitches. These hitches are very easy to install and equip the truck with a gooseneck hitch made to match.

For the easiest possible installation, the CURT Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch requires just one person, and it installs without any measuring. The EZr™ features a 30K weight rating and a limited lifetime warranty.

Extra power for extra-large trailers

Towing that extra-large flatbed full of equipment and materials requires extra power when it comes time to put on the brakes. The CURT TriFlex™ brake control is the perfect brake control for tough jobs and heavy trailers.

It uses a triple-axis motion sensor to detect the movement and angle of the vehicle-trailer combination. It applies the perfect amount of brake pressure every time. The TriFlex™ installs in minutes with a vehicle-specific harness, and like all CURT brake controls, it comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

A strong hand to hold cargo secure

Need a strong hand to hold that cargo secure? Lock it down with CURT cargo straps. We offer a range of ratcheting cargo straps, but our heavy-duty models are particularly built for heavy loads, featuring a break strength of 10,000 lbs. We also offer transport binder safety chain for even tougher jobs. These high-test chains are rated up to 26,000 lbs. (minimum break force), and they come with heavy-duty clevis grab hooks.


Outdoor Hitch Selection Guide

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Never exceed your vehicle manufacturers recommended tow rating.

 Just Get It Done

From the construction site to the industrial park, there's hard work to be done and you don’t have time to mess around with equipment that doesn’t measure up and breaks down when needed most.

Whether you’re hauling a flatbed trailer or towing a skid steer out to break ground on a new job — tough jobs require serious tools and CURT the reliable, heavy-duty truck hitch you need to do the job right the first time.

Which type of heavy-duty truck hitch do you need?

BetterWeigh Weighs Trailer Pin Weight TruckBetterWeigh Weighs Trailer Pin Weight Truck

Weigh your rig with your phone

The BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale allows you to check real-time vehicle and trailer weights on your smartphone, using Bluetooth®. Just plug the device into your OBD-II port and sync up using the app.

Never tow with blind guesswork again!

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Heavy-Duty Gooseneck Towing

Gooseneck hitch options

Towing commercial gooseneck trailers and flatbeds requires heavy-duty equipment, and it all starts with the right gooseneck hitch.

We offer several heavy-duty truck hitch options to suit your truck and job requirements.

CURT 5th Wheel Work Hitch Truck BedCURT 5th Wheel Work Hitch Truck Bed

Towing heavy-duty 5th wheels

Some commercial drivers prefer the quiet and stability of a 5th wheel hitch. CURT offers several 5th wheel hitches for towing commercial-size trailers, including models rated for 30,000 pounds.

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Heavy-Duty Receiver Hitch Towing

Class 5 truck hitches

Our heavy-duty trailer hitches equip your truck to tow large, commercial trailers with confidence. We offer two series of heavy-duty receiver hitches, as well as a weld-on heavy-duty hitch option.

Class 5 hitch accessories

Make sure your heavy-duty tow hitch has accessories that are engineered to keep up. CURT offers several class 5 receiver hitch accessories, including 2-1/2-inch and 3-inch shank options and heavy-duty drop hitches.

Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion HitchRebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch

Longevity and comfort

The Rebellion™ XD adjustable cushion hitch is perfect for heavy-duty towing. With an integrated cushion isolator, it absorbs jerking, jarring, vibrations and noise at the coupling point.

This increases ride comfort, control over the tow vehicle and reduces strain and wear on your towing system.

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Heavy-Duty Pintle Hitch Towing

Pintle hitch options

A pintle hitch is must-have heavy-duty towing accessory in agriculture, construction, military settings and commercial jobsites.

Outfit your truck and trailer with the right pintle hitch and lunette ring to give yourself professional-grade towing power.

SecureLatch Pintle Hitch Hook RingSecureLatch Pintle Hitch Hook Ring

Strike. Drop. Auto-lock!

SecureLatch™ pintle hitches save you time on the job, featuring an automatic locking lever. Just drop the lunette ring down onto the ball or hook, and the lever will automatically engage.

SecureLatch™ also features a cupped hook design for less play in the connection and reduced chucking and popping noise.

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Echo Trailer Brake Controller Smartphone TruckEcho Trailer Brake Controller Smartphone Truck

Safe, smooth braking on the job

CURT offers several styles of trailer brake controllers to give you the braking power needed to meet the demands of your work.

The Echo® brake controller is particularly suited for commercial towing, being easily portable and transferrable between vehicle-trailer combinations.

It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, turning your device into the brake controller interface.

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Heavy-duty towing electrical

Empower your work with tough wiring and electrical solutions for your truck and trailer. CURT trailer wiring is available with vehicle-specific fitment, making installation hassle-free.

Before selecting wiring, make sure you’re familiar with the connectors and components your truck already has.

Secure your heavy loads

Instill confidence behind the wheel with heavy-duty cargo management solutions. Whether you’re hauling machinery, heavy-duty equipment, materials or waste, CURT provides hardworking tie-downs and anchors for safe, secure transportation.