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CrossWing™ 20K Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch

The CURT CrossWing 5th wheel hitch provides two significant benefits – packing extraordinary strength into one lightweight hitch.

It is 65% lighter than most traditional 5th wheel hitches, weighing only 60 pounds, yet it still offers a 20,000-lb. weight capacity. Its high-grade steel, instead of aluminum, provides superior strength and integrity to ensure uncompromising durability.

Perhaps its most distinctive feature is the CrossWing’s intuitive coupling mechanism. Engaging the coupler can be done using the visible contact surface, eliminating the guesswork similar hitches require when backing up to the trailer.

Intuitive Coupling Mechanism



The visible striking surface makes it easy to back up the trailer and perfectly line up hitch without multiple attempts.



Other lightweight 5th wheels have a hidden striking surface that creates guesswork and hassle in the coupling process.

Two Mounting Options

For Industry-Standard Rails

If your pickup truck is equipped with industry-standard 5th wheel rails, we offer the CrossWing with industry-standard mounting points. This hitch quickly and easily drops into the rails and can be secured with the included pins.

Single-Point for Gooseneck Hitches

If your truck is equipped with a gooseneck hitch, the single-point CrossWing hitch is ideal. It securely mounts over the top of virtually any standard 2-5/16” gooseneck ball and allows convenient coupling to your 5th wheel trailer kingpin.

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