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True Course Advanced Bluetooth® Trailer Sway Control System #51202

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  • Prevents trailer sway by activating brakes independently of driver and brake controller
  • Easy plug-and-play installation; mount module on trailer and plug in adapters
  • Compatible with multiple makes and models and thoroughly tested on real vehicles
  • Module acts as intermediary for the trailer brake system, bypassing brake signal
  • LED indicator on module shows when system is active and ready
  • OneControl® mobile integration provides in app notifications and system status
  • Combats sway caused by side winds, slippery roads, sudden movement and emergencies
  • Advanced patent-pending technology electronically detects dangerous trailer movement
  • Additional sway protection beyond the capabilities of traditional weight distribution hitches

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  • Product Weight5.000
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  • WarrantyOne-Year Limited Warranty

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

At CURT, we understand the importance of ensuring safe and reliable towing experiences. That's why we developed an advanced electronic sway control system that prevents sway during emergency maneuvers, poor road conditions or during heavy winds. Our system is compatible with a range of truck types, making it a reliable solution for all drivers.

Our advanced sway control system can bypass the trailer braking controller, acting independently of the driver to limit trailer sway in emergency situations. It is equipped with unique, motion-sensing technology that detects trailer movements not controlled by the weight distribution hitch. Our advanced patent-pending microprocessor technology can quickly and safely apply the trailer brakes to limit sway and ensure a safer towing experience.

Another benefit of our system is its compatibility with the both OneControl RV and Auto apps that connects to your smartphone wirelessly through Bluetooth®. This means drivers can access real-time updates and notifications about the system's status through their smartphone. The app's Bluetooth connection communicates important notifications to the driver, keeping them informed about the system's operation.

To ensure our system is reliable and effective, we have subjected it to rigorous testing on a variety of vehicles from multiple manufacturers. This testing ensures compatibility with original equipment trucks, giving drivers peace of mind knowing that our sway control system is a reliable and safe solution for their towing needs. With True Course's advanced technology and rigorous testing, drivers can trust that they will have a safer and more secure towing experience.

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    Added Peace of Mind

    I was asked by Lippert to review the CURT True Course Advanced Bluetooth Trailer Sway Control System. First a little about my application of this product. My wife and I full-time in a 33 ft Airstream which weighs around 10,000 lbs; this is the trailer I installed it on. I am truly impressed with how well this product works and the peace of mind itRead more about review stating Added Peace of Mind can add.

    To start, the system is simple plug-and-play and can be installed by anyone, it is that easy! It mounts to the frame, and a QR code allows you to add it to the Lippert One Control app. Also, once you install it you can basically just leave it alone, as it does not need to be continually adjusted, it just sits there and works. It is well-designed and comes with a fairly long electrical cord; I would guess it is 5ft long. This is important because depending on your setup you may need to mount it fairly far back (near the box) on your frame and you will be thankful for the extra cord. If you don’t need the extra cord, simply loop and zip-tie it somewhere out of the way on your frame.

    I have used the True Course for almost 500 miles so far and during my driving, which has been on highways, interstates, and backroads, both in good and rainy weather, I have not encounter any scenarios where the system needed to engage due to trailer sway. This led me to want to test it. On an open stretch of highway with no one around me, induced some sway to test the system and was impressed by its response, each time after just two or three side-to-side movements of the trailer the system engaged the brakes and brought the trailer back in line with my tow vehicle. The system is not overly sensitive and does not engage with minor/normal trailer movement. For example, it will not engage if your truck and trailer are pushed slightly by a passing semi (that is normal). However, if the trailer begins to move side-to-side, it will quickly engage and bring the trailer right back in line with the tow vehicle.

    The True Course is about 11” long and 4” wide and mounts to the trailer frame. I did learn that you cannot use a 7-way extension cord with it (I usually use one with my trailer as my hitch takes up more room between the bumper and the trailer than most and my trailer’s 7-way cord is not long enough), as it caused my truck to think there was an issue with the trailer lights. However, since the True Course has a long 7-way cord, not using my 7-way extension was not an issue. I would like it if it had an option for a mounting frame kit versus having to put 4 holes into the frame of your trailer—it’s just hard for me to put holes in my trailer.

    Many looking at this already use some brand of weight distribution hitch and count on it to help with sway and may wonder if this product is worth adding to your setup. Ultimately, only you can decide if it is worth the money but if safety is important to you, this is a great addition to your setup and will provide extra peace of mind as you travel. If you drive a unibody SUV (most crossover SUVs) or tow a trailer that doesn’t allow you to use a weight distribution/anti-sway hitch, this is a MUST-HAVE for you.

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    Review of the Lippert/Case True Control Anti-Sway Control

    First a little background. My tow vehicle is a 2021 Ford F250 with a modified suspension. I tow a 2021 Forest River Vibe 28LR Total length spare to tongue is 33’ I use a Eaz-lift weight distribution hitch along with a Eaz-lift Friction Sway Control. For the purposes of this review I removed the Eaz-lift Sway Control and drove with only the True CoRead more about review stating Review of the Lippert/Case True Control Anti-Sway Controlntrol System.
    Physical installation was very simple. Mark and drill four holes in the frame (Tip: Use a new bit!!) and attach the device. The umbilical from the trailer plugs into the output of the True Control device. The input is another umbilical that plugs into the tow vehicle. It took all of fifteen minutes to install.
    Next was the configuration. The directions point you to some control software for either car or RV with icons I have never seen before. To a newbie this might be very confusing. The setup actually wants the One-Control app. (Oh by the way I’m using IOS) The device instructions call for you to scan a small piece of paper attached to the unit that contains model and serial number and access code. Try as I might scanning the barcode did nothing. After several attempts I went with “Search for devices”. It immediately found the device (via Bluetooth). I tapped on the device and was prompted for its access code (which I entered). The unit connected and a screen came up that wanted to know my trailer info (Make, model etc etc) After entering all the info I tapped continue and was presented with a screen that displayed pics of different axel configurations (1,2,3) I choose two and hit continue. The app froze. I could never get it to finish. I reported it to Lippert and they are going to look into it. Support did tell me that as long as the green light is lite I was good to go.
    The road trip was from St. Louis, Mo. to Grand Junction Colorado. Of course this took me through the best testing grounds for sway… Kansas! The product operated as promised negotiating the winds with very almost no driver correction needed. At a rest stop my travel companions discussed all the terrible wind. My response was “What wind?” You do not notice the braking. With over 3300 miles on this trip I found the product worked fantastically! Kansas and Colorado were no match for True Control!!
    So what are the advantages of True Course? To me there are two that stand out. The biggest for me is when you use the Eaz-lift Sway Control bar you should not back up until removing the bar. Should you leave it on (either on purpose or by accident) you risk bending it while backing up making a short turn. It’s a pain to need to stop in an RV park, remove the bar and then back into your site. It’s always hot and you always seem the have people behind you. With True Course you pull up to your site and just back in! So nice. The next big thing is True Course will adjust for your conditions. The more the sway the more pressure it can apply to your breaks to control driving. The Eaz-lift Sway Control is one setting and you get what you get.
    In conclusion I would highly recommend the True Course device. It does come down to price for convenience. While the True Course device is 4X the cost of a friction bar, time and aggravation mean a lot to me. I find it worth the extra money to set it and forget it and to be ready for all conditions be it 18 wheelers, winds or severe storms.

  3. 60%


    Just Received: Review 1

    1. Received today; looks like excellent quality! And it appears to be a "new" release in our neck of the woods: AZ.
    2. I have not concluded if the OneControl app is a requirement for functionality.
    3. As an aside: we have not been able to pair with the OneControl app, tech support notwithstanding.
    4. As I read it I have no way to physically know if the system is working, i.e., without OneControl paired.
    5. I will continue this post during and after installation & road test.
    6. Curt / Lippert Tech Support: please chime in or PM at will.
    Tow Vehicle: 2021 F-150 Powerboost
    Towing: 2022 ForestRiver Alphawolf 26RL-L

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