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Substitute Product : Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch (2" Shank, 2", 2-5/16" Balls, 15K) #45951
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Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch Ball Mount (2" Shank, 15,000 lbs.) #45949

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  • Dynamic, adaptive suspension ball mount featuring ShockDrop technology
  • Dampens jerking and jarring from bumps and potholes for smoother towing
  • Cushioned isolator reduces rattling and vibration for a more comfortable ride
  • Improved trailer control during events of sudden braking
  • Virtually maintenance-free with no airbag or bearings to service
  • Minimizes stress on tow vehicle's suspension and brakes for extended longevity
  • Lighter-weight design for less stress on the trailer hitch receiver
  • Adjustable, six-position head for precise leveling with different trailers
  • 6" maximum drop (shank cannot be flipped)
  • Cast steel construction for dependable towing power
  • Textured, dark grey teridium finish for a premium look on your vehicle
  • Tested and rated for 15,000 lbs. GTW and 1,500 lbs. TW
  • Fits trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening
  • Equipped with 1-1/4" hole to accept a trailer ball shank
  • Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)


  • Trailer ball sold separately
  • Patent 11,192,408

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  • Side Application Type DescriptionNot Applicable
  • Shipping Weight36.000
  • Mount Type DescriptionNot Applicable
  • Product Weight36.000
  • MaterialCAST STEEL
  • Drop6 IN
  • Receiver Tube Size2 IN
  • Hole Size1.25
  • WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty (One-Year Finish, One-Year Parts)
  • HUB_USAD25
  • Tongue Weight (TW)1,500 LB
  • Superceded by Item45951
  • Installation Time Exact0
  • Gross Trailer Weight (GTW)15,000 LB

The Rebellion XD adjustable ball mount is a leap forward in towing technology. It provides more control, confidence and a more comfortable ride, all while protecting your towing system from jerking, jarring and rattling.

The Rebellion XD ball mount is constructed with ShockDrop technology. Built into the ball mount is a cushioned isolator that inserts between the receiver shank and vertical shank. The isolator provides dynamic, adaptive suspension of the coupling point to reduce jerking and jarring for a more comfortable towing experience.

Unlike other cushioned ball mounts, the Rebellion XD has no airbags or bearings, making the unit virtually maintenance-free. When you're ready to tow, simply mount it onto your 2" receiver hitch like you would any other ball hitch. The Rebellion XD will resist vibrations and rattling at the trailer coupling point, resulting in smoother, quieter towing. There is no need for an anti-rattle hitch pin or anti-rattle shim. With innovative ShockDrop technology, the Rebellion XD provides increased control while driving and in events of sudden braking.

The Rebellion XD adjustable hitch is engineered to be powerful and lightweight. The lightweight design makes it easier to handle compared to most cushioned ball mounts, and it puts less stress on your trailer hitch and tow vehicle for enhanced longevity of your suspension and brakes.

To accommodate a wide variety of vehicle-trailer combinations, the Rebellion XD trailer hitch ball mount is built with an adjustable shank. The trailer ball tongue can be adjusted up or down for a maximum drop of 6" (shank cannot be flipped to rise position). The six height adjustment positions ensure level towing of the trailer, and it is perfect for all kinds of pickup trucks and SUVs, including larger trucks, diesels and lifted trucks.

For dependable towing strength, this heavy-duty cushion hitch ball mount is constructed from cast steel. It is tested and rated for 15,000 lbs. gross trailer weight and 1,500 lbs. tongue weight (limited to lowest-rated towing component). It comes with a 2" x 2" shank to fit any industry-standard 2" hitch receiver, and it features a 1-1/4" tow ball hole to accept a heavy-duty hitch ball (sold separately).

The Rebellion XD adjustable ball mount is engineered, built and tested to offer a smooth ride while promoting increased longevity of your vehicle and trailer. As such, the ball mount itself is finished to go the distance. It is shielded in a textured, dark grey teridium finish that easily withstands the rigors of the open road. It resists rust and corrosion in spite of rain, dirt, snow, UV rays and more. It also offers a premium look on your vehicle, compared to most cushioned mounts.

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  1. 100%


    Best Trailer Hitch

    This hitch makes such a huge difference in all aspects of towing. It’s good for many different size and weight trailers and provides a marked difference towing.

  2. 80%


    Great hitch with a couple disappointments

    This is a beefy and stout hitch. I couldn't believe the difference going over bumps and stop and start.
    I have two complaints that may be minor but they still eat at me.
    1: I cant purchase more ball platforms for different size balls, so I have to use a different hitch all together if I tow a different ball size trailer. This is a huge inconvenience for us who pull different trailers every day!
    2: With only one hole to mount hitch to truck there is not any room to mount my rock tamers. So my expensive rock tamers are useless unless I can try to fabricate something for them. I may have thought twice about purchasing if I would have known I couldn't use my rock tamers and was limited to one ball.
    Also the pins are very difficult to put in, I am sure this will get easier with time.
    With that said this hitch is smooth and does just what they say it should! Just wish they worked have thought about these things during the engineering phase.

  3. 100%


    Another great product from the Curt Group

    I recently received the newly released Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch Ball Mount. I must say the engineering that went into the design is extremely innovative. Whether towing my boat or utility trailer i can definitely feel the difference. The ride is less herky jerky than my conventional receiver. Love the smooth ride! Great job Curt Group

  4. 100%


    Rebellion cushion hitch

    Absolutely an amazing product worth every Penny!!! Chances towing heavy loads and small light loads tremendously!! Works amazing for taller or lifted trucks due to the adjustability of the ball ! Does tend to scrap the ground on small inclines while backing down with a load on a 3/4 ton truck but very minor flaw for an outstanding product !!!!

4 Item(s)

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