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5th Wheel Trailer Upgrades5th Wheel Trailer Upgrades

Must-Have Trailer Upgrades That Help You Forge the Road Ahead 

Towing Can be Technical, But It Doesn't Have to be Difficult — and anybody who has bought a camper, trailer or RV can tell you there's a lot to learn when it comes time to hitch-up and tow.

Today, there is a larger-than-ever variety of towing products for applications that require differing types of trailers, equipment and tools. Depending on your trailer, towing needs and experience level, the tools of the job may vary. Thankfully, there are new products and technologies that have transformed a technical task into a much more simplified experience.

CURT has the tools, technology and products you need for any towing application. Our list of top ten trailer upgrades includes unique products that can help to transform the stress of towing into a memorable and smooth experience that allows you to enjoy the trip towards your destination, instead of worrying each mile of the way.

Our products allow you to relax on your travels and tow with confidence, whether that be towing your RV for a family vacation, a toy hauler for an off-roading excursion or towing horses to the stables, and everything else in between.

This list of must-have RV and utility trailer upgrades will help you to transform your towing experience and have you confidently towing like a pro. This list goes beyond the towing basics like ratchet straps, cargo nets, locks and LED lights.

1. Lippert OneControl — Intelligent & Innovative Towing From Your Smartphone

With so many things to watch and monitor, towing can be stressful. When towing long distances, through uneven stretches, across rough roads or even towing through inclement weather and storms — there is much to consider when preventing trailer sway, avoiding blow-outs and ensuring you have sufficient stopping power.

Lippert OneControl smart RVing technology helps turn your RV into an intuitive, intelligently connected vehicle that can be monitored right from your smartphone or tablet. From monitoring tire pressure and brake output to controlling your slide-out and adjusting your thermostat — our suite of smart RV products and technologies helps keep RV owners aware, alert and most importantly, safe on the open road.

OneControl has unique technology that eases stressors by offering a comprehensive solution that monitors trailer sway, tire pressure and brake power all in one application that can be adjusted from your smartphone. OneControl technology monitors trailer sway in real time and automatically applies the brakes in a patterned way that will stop trailer sway as it occurs. It also prevents the need to counter react in the case of a sway emergency! 

Bring your smart technology on the road with OneControl. Our comprehensive and advanced system of safety-inspired products and technology lets RV owners enhance every adventure with more contol, connectivity and comfort than ever before. From complete RV health checks to weather notifications to keep you safe on the road, every product in the Lippert family is designed to revolutionize the way you travel in your RV.

Lippert OneControl SystemLippert OneControl System

Download the OneControl App today!  

2. CURT Echo® — Manage Brake Output from Your Smartphone

Trailer braking is a very important part of towing. Traditionally, a wired proportional or time-delay brake controller is used to control the brake output of your trailer, reducing the strain on your truck brakes and helping the trailer to come to a prompt and safe stop.

Wired brake controllers are typically mounted under the dash of your truck and adjustments and changes must be made to the controller itself.

The Echo under-dash trailer brake controller is truly a brake control for the modern age. It plugs into your vehicle and wirelessly connects to your smartphone, allowing you to control and monitor all trailer brake activity right from your own device.

Echo comes with a customizable app for Apple or Android and works with the OneControl system. Control your brakes from the palm of your hand and tow confidently knowing you can adjust and monitor your trailer brakes in real time!

3. Lippert Tire Linc® — Monitor Tire Pressure from Your Smartphone

A tire blowout can be very dangerous when towing a heavy or large trailer and can cause a lack of stability that results in an accident. Low tire pressure can also result in poor fuel economy and premature wear of trailer tires.

For this reason, it's important to monitor your tire pressure, but let’s face it, keeping a constant eye on your tires is nearly impossible while on the road, especially when driving long distances.

Tire Linc allows you to monitor the status of your tires in real time while you’re towing, ensuring your tire pressure is safe when towing long distances on harsh roads, hot pavement or through inclement weather.

Stopping regularly can be difficult to do, especially without a safe space to stop or when towing through the night. Tire Linc allows you to monitor tire pressure while on the go — no more frequent stops or worrying about tire pressure while driving long distances!

Tire Linc TPMS MonitorTire Linc TPMS Monitor

4. CURT Rebellion XD Cushion Trailer Hitch with Dual Ball — Adjust Height & Level Your Trailer

When it comes time to tow, having the ability to adjust your hitch is a great way to be prepared for differing trailer and receiver heights. Every truck and trailer can have differing heights and depending on the connection point between the truck and trailer, this can lead to an unlevel connection. An unleveled trailer can lead to poor towing experience, and an uneven weight distribution can cause poor braking and unsafe towing.

The CURT Rebellion XD cushion receiver hitch with dual ball mount provides flexibility and utility for differing applications and load weights, so you can adjust your ball height and make changes on the go and be prepared for varying circumstances.

The dual heavy-duty ball allows you to carry just one attachment and has two options for ball sizes, and the adjustable shank allows for modifications in height for quick and precise trailer leveling. This trailer hitch also features ShockDrop™ technology which has a cushioned isolator that provides dynamic, adaptive suspension dampening at the coupling point to reduce jerking and jarring for a more comfortable towing experience!

Curt Rebellion XDCurt Rebellion XD

5. CURT TruTrack™ — Distribute Weight Evenly & Prevent Trailer Sway

When towing, weight distribution hitches are important for ensuring your trailer is level, which helps to prevent a sagging receiver where the truck and trailer are hitched.

A leveled tow hitch prevents an uneven load and helps to promote a steady, smooth tow. Weight distributing trailer hitches are especially important when towing large, heavy trailers and work to evenly distribute the weight across the coupling point.

CURT TruTrack is one of the most dependable weight distribution hitches available and integrates the sway control function into the design of the receiver hitch, combining precise weight distribution with active sway control to deliver the smoothest, safest ride possible.

TruTrack has two to four points of connection for even weight distribution across all axles of the vehicle-trailer combination. However, instead of using spring bar chains, the TruTrack connects to the trailer frame using heavy-duty, adjustable support brackets that hold the spring bars in place laterally and vertically.

This combination of features paired with its easy setup truly makes the TruTrack unparalleled in its class!

Curt Truck anti sway XDCurt Truck anti sway XD

6. CURT QuickPin™ Couplers — Eliminate Guesswork When Latching Your Coupler

Coupling your trailer can be quite a hassle, especially getting the latch to fully close.

When attaching your trailer to your hitch, aligning the ball to the receiver and ensuring it is seated correctly can be a frustrating task, and towing without a fully seated ball can lead to an accident.

That's why the QuickPin trailer coupler doesn't use a latch. In fact, QuickPin is engineered with a revolutionary design to make trailer hookup as simple as possible, removing the chances of an unseated ball when towing.

To couple your trailer with QuickPin, just drop the trailer tongue onto the ball, slide in the pin and that's it! No more wrestling with the latch, trying to get it to snap down onto the ball.

Quickpin Easy Latch CouplerQuickpin Easy Latch Coupler

7. Lippert Ground Control® — Level Your Travel Trailer With the Push of a Button

Once you've finally arrived to your long-awaited destination, you may be exhausted. However, this is when the lengthy process of unloading and settling is just beginning.

One of the most inconvenient parts of setting up your camper once you've arrived is getting your trailer level. This must be done before you can settle down, relax and enjoy yourself. It's an important, but tedious process that can be stressful, requiring you to get under your camper and get dirty.

Make way for automatic stabilization!

In less than three minutes, the Ground Control automatic electric leveling system will level your travel trailer with the push of a single button, giving you back all the time and hassle you would have otherwise spent setting up manual jacks and chocks.

When you finally arrive at your long-awaited destination, no more frustrating and time-consuming leveling!

Plus, Ground Control is compatible with Lippert’s OneControl technology, giving you the power to operate your leveling system right from the app on your phone!

Lippert Ground Control Automatic LevelingLippert Ground Control Automatic Leveling

8. CURT HD Wheel Chocks — Easily Stow Away Wheel Chocks & Save Interior Space

When traveling with a trailer or camper, a good set of wheel chocks is necessary to park your trailer safely and securely. However, not all wheel chocks are built the same.

Some are made with inferior quality, lightweight materials and get your hands dirty when you use them. Most wheel chocks also take up valuable space — their bulky size can easily be a tripping hazard or a nuisance if inside your truck or trailer.

CURT's all-new heavy-duty wheel chocks are the perfect accessory for saving space and staying safe. These unique wheel chocks mount to the trailer frame and prevent the need to store them inside your truck or RV.

The unique bracket mounts to the trailer frame and includes snap-rings which quickly store your wheel chocks out of the way and outside of your vehicle. No more dirty wheel chocks inside your truck or SUV!

HD Mounted Wheel ChucksHD Mounted Wheel Chucks

9. CURT CrossWing™ — 5th-Wheel Towing That Makes Hitching-Up Easy & Straightforward

The first step of towing can sometimes be tricky. Aligning the 5th wheel receiver head to the trailer kingpin can be quite a hassle, especially when parked on uneven terrain.

Installing a 5th wheel base can also be difficult, as they can be quite heavy and bulky to move alone. Often the trickiest part of towing is connecting the trailer itself!

The CrossWing 5th wheel trailer hitch is designed to solve these issues and raises the bar on towing to make it a lot easier. Its unique coupling system eliminates guesswork by offering a visible contact surface, and its head channel guides the kingpin into place for easier hookup, saving you time and preventing frustration.

Its self-aligning head allows fore, aft and lateral head articulation when connecting on uneven terrain, and features ShockDrop™ technology that reduces jerking and jarring for an overall smoother tow.

The CrossWing is also 65% lighter with a main body weight of only 60 lbs., making assembly and installation a breeze. With CrossWing, you can install and align your hitch with just one person!

Crosswing 5th Wheel HitchCrosswing 5th Wheel Hitch

10. CURT Universal Trailer Coupler Lock — Secure Your Trailer Coupler & Deter Theft

After towing and once your trailer is parked, it is important to know that your trailer is safe and secure. One way to ensure this is to use a trailer hitch lock to deter theft.

Sometimes a safety pin and coupler latch are just not enough to keep your toys safe. While CURT safety pins and coupler latches are made to keep your coupler securely latched onto your trailer ball, they are no substitute for the locking power provided by a CURT trailer lock.

CURT trailer locks are designed to add security to your trailer and towing equipment. Instead of merely retaining the coupler latch mechanism, CURT trailer coupler locks are actually designed to protect your trailer from theft when it is not hitched up to your vehicle.

This trailer lock features solid, hardened steel hardware and a ballistic-grade nylon body for a lasting strength and resistance to the elements. The dual-ratcheting locking system easily secures your trailer by inserting into the coupler and taking the place of a trailer ball.

This CURT trailer lock is key-operated and features a universal fit to accommodate a variety of couplers. All CURT trailer locks include two keys in every package. Protect your boat, your camper and even your utility trailer the right way with a CURT coupler lock.

Curt Universal Coupler LockCurt Universal Coupler Lock

Overall, These Products Will Help You to Prepare for the Tow, Stress Less & Relax More 

Preparation is everything when it comes to towing. Take a deep breath and relax — this list of products will reduce the amount of work and stress you would have normally have when towing or planning a long trip while pulling a trailer.

From weight distribution to sway control, automatic leveling systems and brake controlling systems, these products and technologies work well together to bring you a relaxed, problem-free and worry-free trip towards your destination.



Disclaimer: These photographs, recommendations, and approximations are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the specifications of any particular tow vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, or hitch. Always consult the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual. All non-Lippert and non-CURT product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks shown are the property of their respective trademark holders, and use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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