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Electrical Adapters - Learn More

There are several different types of connectors used to supply power from a tow vehicle’s electrical system to the trailer’s electrical system. Some trailers only need the bare essentials – running lights, brake lights and turn signals – while others require a connection for reverse lights, electric brakes and auxiliary power.

With connectors ranging from 4-way flat to 7-way RV blade, there is a good chance that the connection between your vehicle and your trailer will be mismatched. For this very common problem, CURT offers a quick and simple solution.

We have an entire array of adapters that allow a connection to be made between most types of connectors, including 7-way RV blades and factory harness adapters. CURT adapters are available in formats such as 4-way round to 4-way flat, 4-way flat to 7-way round, 6-way round to 4-way flat and many more. Many are plug-and-play and require no splicing for installation.

Dual-Output Adapters

To add even more functionality to your vehicle, CURT offers dual-output adapters. This type of adapter provides an additional connection point for a total of two standard trailer wiring connector formats. For example, the CURT #57672 adapts an existing 4-way flat connection to provide both a 7-way RV blade and a 4-way flat plug.

A mounting bracket and hardware are included with each dual-output connector to ensure a clean attachment. We also offer models with an integrated tester and backup alarm.

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