CURT Replacement Folding Ball Gooseneck Hitch Spring #66104

UPC: 612314101047

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  • Replaces the pivot spring in the over-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch #61052
  • Folding ball design keeps truck bed free of obstructions
  • Stainless steel safety pin and pivot spring prevents binding
UPC 612314101047
Side Application Type Description Blank
Warranty One Year Limited
Finish Blank
Shipping Weight 0.100
Mount Type Description Blank
Part Type *

Additional Information

The CURT folding ball gooseneck hitch is an innovation in gooseneck technology, offering a unique solution to the problem of a misplaced or stolen trailer ball. Rather than having a fixed trailer ball that obstructs your truck bed space or a removable ball that locks into place using a set of pins, a folding ball gooseneck hitch features a permanently attached ball that hinges down into a small compartment within the hitch. When folded down, the gooseneck ball remains out of the way and allows you to make full use of your truck bed. When folded back up again, it provides a reliable towing connection for your gooseneck trailer. No matter which position the ball is in, it remains fixed to your pickup truck, deterring theft and preventing loss.

This replacement spring fits the CURT folding ball gooseneck hitch #61052 and provides secure spring-loaded action for the folding gooseneck ball.


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