CURT Spade Terminals #59611

UPC: 612314911059

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  • Allows wires to be fastened down with easy attachment and removal
  • Perfect for installing towing electrical components or similar applications
  • Vinyl-insulated to ensure a long-lasting connection
  • Flared opening allows for easy wire insertion
  • Color-coded red connectors fit 22-18 gauge wires
Part Type Terminal
Side Application Type Description Blank
Finish Blank
Mount Type Description Blank
Shipping Weight 0.200
Warranty One Year Limited
UPC 612314911059
Product Spade Terminal
Stud Size #10
Color Red
Quantity Per Package 100

Additional Information

Even down to the simplest components, CURT is always looking for ways to improve your towing experience. CURT wire terminals are vinyl-insulated and available in a range of sizes to fit different gauges of wiring and different size bolts. Spade terminals are preferred for their quick-removal convenience. These spade terminals are color-coded and designed to fit 22-18 gauge wire and a #10 stud. This package includes 100 terminals.

CURT terminals can be used for all sorts of wiring and rewiring projects on your trailer or tow vehicle. Terminals may be specifically called for during the installation of certain electrical devices, but in general, they can be used for any number of electrical connection applications using the appropriate size screw or bolt. They offer a more secure mount and a better connection than a bare wire alone. One of the most common ways an electrical terminal is used is in making a ground connection for a connector or other electrical component.


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