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  • Designed to replace all necessary trailer lights on most trailers
  • Combination lights function as tail lights, brake lights and turn signals
  • Features a molded housing with standard red lenses
  • 20' wiring harness accommodates most trailers
  • Phosphor-bronze contacts for good connection in extreme conditions
  • Bolt-on mounting system for secure installation on the trailer
  • Easily connects to any standard automobile lighting system
  • Frame mounting clips keep wires contained and protected
  • Included bracket for convenient mounting of license plate
  • Ideal for trailers up to 80" wide
  • Exceeds DOT highway standards
  • Made in USA


  • Includes two combinations lights, two marker lights, a 20' wiring harness, license plate bracket and frame mounting clips
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Warranty One Year Limited
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UPC 612314132256

Additional Information

Trailer lights can be fragile, but they are completely necessary for towing. Whether you're a contractor on your way to the jobsite or just a casual fisherman heading to the boat landing, you need working trailer lights to tow safely and legally. For any towing setup, CURT offers quality, DOT-approved trailer lighting, including complete wiring kits, combination lights and replacement lighting components.

The CURT universal trailer light kit includes everything you need to properly equip your trailer with towing lights. It includes two combination lights, two side marker lights, 20' of color-coded wiring, wire connectors and frame mounting clips for a complete installation. This kit also comes with a license plate relocation bracket to reposition the license plate on your trailer as needed. The combination lights in this kit feature a molded housing and lenses to protect the internal components, and they use phosphor-bronze contacts to maintain a solid electrical connection to your vehicle.

This universal trailer light wiring kit accommodates most trailers up to 80" wide and 20' long. It is especially designed for boat trailers and utility trailers. It comes with a 4-way flat connector to easily and securely plug into your vehicle's towing electrical socket, and for safety, it exceeds all DOT highway standards.


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Universal Trailer Light Kit

This a good product that gave a much needed face-lift to my old 14' trailer. The installation was complete over the afternoon and was really easy. The marker lights are an added bonus that increases my feelings of security when I'm towing after dark. Thanks CURT!

Universal Wiring Kit

This is an easy and manditory Do-It-Yourself-On-A-Saturday kit for anyone looking to fix up their old boat trailer. I am proud that a friend and I installed it together during the morning, and got back on the road to the lake by the afternoon. The instructions are helpful, but common sense goes a long way. There are no more headaches or concerns about whether my lights work today, or if anyone can see me after the sun goes down. Thanks Curt!


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