CURT Adjustable Tow Bar Bumper Brackets #19747

UPC: 612314745104

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  • Compatible with the CURT tow bar #19745
  • Ideal for dingy towing a small vehicle behind an RV
  • Brackets bolt to the tow vehicle's bumper
Shipping Weight 10.000
Superceded by Item 19748
UPC 612314745104
Part Type Adjustable Tow Bar Bumper Brackets

Additional Information

There is nothing like camping in an RV. The home-away-from-home comfort, mixed with the freedom to explore the outdoors, makes it an experience unlike any other. At CURT, we know how much you look forward to the weekend camping trips, the cross-country journeys and the excursions down uncharted roads, and that is why we provide towing solutions that are totally dedicated to recreational vehicle towing.

The CURT adjustable tow bar offers a convenient way to bring an extra vehicle along on your RV getaways. The adjustable tow bar latches onto your vehicle's bumper or frame using these bumper brackets and then couples to a ball mount on your RV trailer hitch. The vehicle can then be towed behind your RV, allowing you more freedom and mobility once you reach your destination. When towing a vehicle behind your RV, it is essential to have working towing lights just like if you were towing a trailer. CURT magnetic towing lights easily stick to your vehicle and connect to your RV to provide that added measure of safety.


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