CURT 5th Wheel Lube Plate #16721

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  • Provides a buffer between a 5th wheel hitch and kingpin
  • Easily fits on any standard kingpin
  • Reduces normal wear and tear when towing
  • Eliminates messy grease deposits on hitch plate
  • Constructed from tough polyethylene
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Warranty One Year Limited
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Shipping Weight 0.440
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UPC 612314167210
Color White

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The grand lifestyle that goes hand in hand with 5th wheel towing is made perfect in the details. You can talk all you want about whose RV hogs the most road or whose 5th wheel hitch can handle the most tonnage, but when you get down to it, the best hitch and trailer setup in the world can never reach its full potential without the right accessories to back it up. Protect your 5th wheel hitch and 5th wheel trailer with a CURT lube plate. This 10" disc easily slides onto the kingpin of your 5th wheel trailer, eliminating messy grease deposits and reducing normal wear and tear when towing with your 5th wheel.


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Lube plate

My friend warned me that 5th wheels are extremely noisey and the grease is messy. I bought my first trailer today. i put the plate on and came down some really bumpy and in spots uneven lanes in the highway... ( CONSTRUCTION for about 20 miles... ) I'm not really a pokey driver I was haulin at 80-85mph... I got thrown around in the seat a bit (yes i had my seat belt on) with the extra weight of the little 5th wheel I bought. but no squeaks or anything... NICE!!! My curt hitch and frame connectors made it easy to hook up/install.... the only issue I found when I got home. I forgot to lock the jaws in YIKES!!! but she held strong for 90 miles and I won't do that again... lol


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