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CURT TruTrack Trailer-Mounted Weight Distribution HitchCURT TruTrack Trailer-Mounted Weight Distribution Hitch

TruTrack™ Trailer-Mounted Weight Distribution System

Welcome to Hassle-Free Weight Distribution

The CURT TruTrack trailer-mounted weight distribution hitch revolutionizes towing. Its ingenious trailer-mounted design allows you to effortlessly attach and detach your trailer, keeping the primary components of the WD hitch with the trailer and eliminating the struggle with unwieldy spring bars and complex setups every time you want to disconnect.

Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with the TruTrack trailer-mounted weight distribution hitch.

See it in Action!

How it Works

The CURT TruTrack trailer-mounted hitch transforms the way you couple your trailer. Its streamlined process simplifies installation and disconnection, ensuring hassle-free towing.

  1. Installation Made Easy: The spring bars and head assembly get mounted onto the trailer tongue, while the shank and horn assembly secure to your vehicle. Once set up, there’s no need for repeated reinstallation when disconnecting.
  2. Effortless Coupling: To connect, simply lower the trailer tongue into the cradle, insert the pin, and lift the snap-up bracket handles into place. To uncouple, follow the same process in reverse.
  3. Fewer Pieces to Handle: Forget about removing chains, bars or uninstalling the hitch from the receiver. TruTrack trailer-mounted gives you a rapid connection, allowing for more time to savor the journey.
TruTrack Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch PinTruTrack Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch Pin

TruTrack Trailer-Mounted Features

CURT TruTrack Trailer-Mounted Weight Distributing HitchCURT TruTrack Trailer-Mounted Weight Distributing Hitch

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