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How CURT Hitches Are Made

How CURT Hitches Are MadeHow CURT Hitches Are Made

Manufacturing High-Quality Trailer Hitches

CURT is one of the leading trailer hitch manufacturers in the towing industry. All CURT custom receiver hitches are made in the USA, meaning they are engineered, fabricated, welded, finished, tested and finally shipped out from our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

From design to finish, we do everything here on American soil because we believe in providing products of the utmost quality for our customers. Our goal is to enable you to pursue your passion and enjoy more of what you love.

Some of our latest hitch manufacturing technology:

Trailer Hitches Made in USA from Start to Finish

Part 1: Trailer Hitch Engineering

All CURT custom hitches begin their journey in the minds of our talented engineers. We bring real vehicles into our engineering bays to develop prototypes that perfectly integrate with each year, make and model.

We also maintain a dedicated engineering facility that gives us access to the latest models to get hitch designs on the market quickly.

Part 2: Fabricating Hitch Components

Raw steel is brought into our hitch manufacturing area to be converted into the necessary building blocks to construct our hitches. We utilize advanced bending, cutting and laser technology. Our focus in fabrication is quality, accuracy and efficiency.

We take a cell approach to hitch fabrication to reduce material handling for maximum efficiency. When components leave our fab department, they are ready to be welded into receiver hitches.

Part 3: Welding the Hitch Together

CURT hitches are welded with a combination of manual and robotic welding processes. This allows for peak efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Fabricated steel components enter our weld department and exit as an assemble CURT hitch. With state-of-the-art welding robots and a highly skilled welding team, we are able to produce large quantities as well as small orders to fully accommodate our customers.

Part 4: Applying Our Industry-Leading Finish

Mounted under your vehicle, a trailer hitch takes a great deal of punishment, particularly from water, road salt and debris. This ultimately leads to rust and reduced functionality of the hitch over time.

To address this problem, every CURT trailer hitch made in USA undergoes an industry-leading co-cured finishing process to ensure maximum protection against rust, scratches, chipping and UV damage. Our hitches travel a total distance of 2,300 feet over the span of four hours to apply this superior finish.

CURT hitch finishing process:

CURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Descaled HitchCURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Descaled Hitch


Each hitch is mechanically and chemically descaled for a smooth, ready-to-finish surface.

CURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Bonderite SubmersionCURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Bonderite Submersion


Our hitches are then submersed in rust-resistant, liquid A-coat to cover all surfaces, inside and out.

CURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Powder Coat ApplicationCURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Powder Coat Application


The liquid A-coat is covered in an outer layer of highly durable black powder coat.

CURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Cooling Hitch FinishCURT Trailer Hitch Manufacturers - Cooling Hitch Finish


Finally, the two finishes are cured together to create industry-leading rust, chip and UV protection.

Part 5: Testing In-House for Safety

With our dedicated engineering facility, each CURT hitch design is rigorously tested to SAE J684 (Standard Association of Engineering). This ensures safety and reliability for the road ahead.

In-house testing also gives us the unique opportunity for advancing towing safety standards. We are continuously striving for higher standards through on-vehicle testing, innovative processes and advancements in technology.

Part 6: Shipping Hitches Across North America

With our strategically placed warehouses, we are able to ship CURT trailer hitches from our Wisconsin headquarters all over North America.

In partnership with our distributors, installers and shop owners, CURT hitches are delivered right to your vehicle in a safe and timely manner, letting you get out on the open road, doing more of what you love.