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Learn about CURT Front Hitches

CURT front hitch with cargo carrier on truck towing trailer

Do more with your truck, Jeep or SUV

A CURT front hitch adds versatility to your truck, Jeep or SUV, equipping it with a standard 2" receiver underneath the front bumper. Whether you're headed for work or some relaxation, a front receiver hitch can accept a wide variety of towing accessories.

Like our other custom hitches, CURT front hitches are made for vehicle-specific application. Each one is also thoroughly tested for safety and protected with our industry-leading dual-coat finish.


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CURT front hitch on truck with snow plow

Plenty of accessory options

One of the most popular uses for a front hitch is attaching a snow plow to a truck. These hitches are also perfect for adding cargo space to the vehicle with a cargo carrier. The convenience of a front mount hitch is that it maintains usage of the rear trailer hitch for towing.

Every CURT front hitch comes with a straight-line pull rating of 9,000 lbs. This makes it ideal for also mounting a tow hook or winch mount.

Note: Weight capacity is limited to the lowest-rating towing component.


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More uses for a CURT front hitch:

CURT winch mount on truck front hitch

Winch mount

Securely mount a winch on the front of your truck and remove it whenever needed.

CURT front hitch receiver hitch step

Hitch step

Get a step up and easier access under the hood with a non-skid hitch step.

CURT front hitch with D-ring tow hook

Tow hook

Add recovery towing capabilities to you truck with a tow hook or D-ring mount.

Truck cargo carrier on CURT front hitch

Cargo carrier

Add cargo space to your vehicle without eliminating use of your rear receiver.


Truck with CURT front hitch parking a boat trailer

Also great for maneuvering a trailer

A CURT front mount hitch provides a unique advantage for your vehicle with its ability to accept a standard ball mount and hitch up to a trailer. With a trailer coupled to the front of your vehicle, instead of the rear, you have more direct control over its movement.

A front receiver hitch allows you to more easily park a trailer into a tight spot. It is also great for use at the boat landing, allowing you to maneuver the trailer with enhanced control.


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CURT front hitches are built with excellence:

American flag - CURT custom hitches are made in USA

Made in USA

CURT front hitches are proudly made at our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

CURT receiver hitches robotic welding

Precisely welded

The hitches are welded using manual and robotic processes for speed and precision.

CURT custom hitches undergo A-coat finish bath

Finished to last

Each hitch is protected with our unique and industry-leading co-cured finish.

CURT trailer hitch testing

Tested for safety

We test every one of our front hitch models to the most stringent standards for safety.


CURT cargo carrier front hitch on truck towing trailer

How to choose a front hitch

Like our other custom hitches, CURT front mount hitches are each made for a specific vehicle. This ensures an easy installation and optimal towing capacity. It also makes selecting the right hitch for your vehicle simple.

To find a front hitch for your vehicle, enter the year, make and model into our Select Your Vehicle tool. If a front mount hitch is available for your unique vehicle, it will appear on the results page.


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CURT front hitch finishing process:

CURT receiver hitches raw steel descaled


We use mechanical and chemical descaling processes to strip each hitch of imperfections.

CURT trailer hitches in A-coat finish bath


The hitches are fully immersed in liquid A-coat to protect them inside and outs from rust.

CURT custom hitches in powder coat finishing process


We then apply a durable black powder coat finish over the top of the liquid A-coat.

CURT custom trailer hitch receivers with black powder coat


The hitches are heat-treated to cure the finishes together for industry-leading protection.


CURT front hitch on truck launching boat

Tested for the utmost dependability

At CURT, we take safety very seriously. We know that peace of mind is key for enjoying any adventure, but more importantly, the wellbeing of you and your loved ones is invaluable.

Every CURT front mount hitch model undergoes stringent testing. We maintain a dedicated engineering and testing facility near Detroit, MI, and we test according to SAE J684 specifications to ensure safety and dependability with every mile.


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CURT front hitch receiver on Honda Ridgeline

Easy-to-clean receiver

Mounted close to the ground, a receiver hitch can quickly accumulate a load of dirt, debris and road grime. This is why we coat both the inside and outside of our hitches with rust-resistant A-coat.

We also equip our front hitches with an open-back receiver. This makes it easy to clean out the receiver tube whenever needed.

How to install a front hitch

Because CURT front mount hitches are each made vehicle-specific, installation is streamlined. In the design process, we aim to reduce the amount of drilling and modifying needed during the process as much as possible.

All CURT front hitches come with all the hardware necessary for a complete install, and they include detailed instructions, specific to each hitch. We also offer online instructions and a number of install videos to help with the process.

CURT front hitch on Jeep Wrangler JL
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