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It is CURT’s goal to provide a complete solution for your towing needs, and that means making available the odds and ends necessary for wiring up your trailer. CURT wiring accessories are made to be effective and functional, giving you dependable power every time you tow.

CURT carries terminals, snap locks, connectors and accessories to accommodate your wiring project, whether on your vehicle or trailer. Our electrical components are also great when you are rewiring and replacing worn out components.

Wire Connectors

CURT offers snap locks, twist-on connectors, butt connectors and quick connectors to give you a complete solution for your wiring project. CURT snap locks, also known as scotch locks or quick-splice connectors, are designed to make rewiring your trailer or splicing in a converter easier, providing a more reliable connection for your trailer wiring connection. A snap lock is a two-channel wire connector that eliminates the need for soldering and stripping wires to connect them. It is designed to splice into an existing wire without requiring you to cut, crimp or strip the existing wire.

To connect two wires using a snap lock, simply insert the existing wire and tap wire into the snap lock and squeeze the blade with a pair of pliers. Then, fold the latching mechanism over. Just like that a connection is made with no need to worry about hot soldering irons, wire strippers or sharp wires poking out. With the snap lock’s safety lock latch, you can be confident that wires will stay properly connected mile after mile.

CURT snap locks come in a variety of sizes and feature a high-impact plastic housing with an aluminum blade. We also offer snap locks filled with a gel sealant that helps further protect wires from moisture and corrosion. Choose from 10-12 gauge wire sizes and 14-18 gauge. CURT snap locks are quick, simple and dependable.

CURT butt connectors provide a firm connection between wires, while allowing the ability to disconnect at a later time. This CURT product makes the process simple, while requiring no taping. They are vinyl-insulated, and each pack includes 100 connectors.

CURT quick connectors also provide a firm connection with the ability to disconnect at a later time. The connectors are vinyl-insulated and include 100 quick connector terminals in each pack. Male and female ends are available in 16-14 gauge, as well as 12-10 gauge.


CURT terminals are vinyl-insulated and available in a range of sizes to fit different gauges of wiring and different size bolts. Some prefer ring terminals because of their fixed design, locking in place and requiring the stub to be completely unscrewed to be removed. Others prefer the quick-removal convenience of spade terminals. To give you the option of your preference, CURT carries both.

CURT terminals can be used for all sorts of wiring and rewiring projects on your trailer or tow vehicle. Some electrical components may call for the use of terminals during installation, but they can be used generally for making electrical connections using a screw or bolt. One of the most common ways an electrical terminal is used is in making a ground connection for a connector or other electrical device.

Wire Protection

CURT offers convoluted slit loom tubing in a variety of diameters. This tubing keeps loose or dangling wires organized and helps protect against vibration, crushing or environmental elements. CURT offers packages of 3/8” or 1/2” convoluted slit loom, as well as 3/8” ID nylon loom clamps, zip-ties and electrical tape to keep wires secure for miles to come.

Trim Retainers

During a custom wiring or trailer hitch installation, trim plugs and caps may need to be removed to allow access to mounting holes. The CURT finishing pack includes 11 different commonly used trim panel retainers and frame hole plugs. These pieces can be used to cover open holes after an installation or to replace damaged or missing plugs on your vehicle. The pack includes 50 pieces.

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