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Learn about CURT Gooseneck Hitches

CURT gooseneck hitch on truck towing flatbed trailer

Confidence on the job, day after day

When you hitch up your livestock trailer or heavy-duty flatbed trailer loaded with equipment, there can be no doubts. You need confidence in every part of your towing system to ensure safety and success on the job.

CURT gooseneck hitches are engineered, built and tested for dependability day after day, and they're designed vehicle-specific for an exact fit on your truck.


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Farm truck towing livestock trailer with CURT gooseneck hitch

Explore under-bed gooseneck hitch options:

CURT gooseneck hitch - Double Lock EZr™

Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitch

The Double Lock EZr™ is optimized for speed of operation, towing power and ease of install. It features a flip-and-store gooseneck ball and extra-thick, double-locking pin handle for convenient setup or storage as needed.

This gooseneck hitch can be installed by just one person, using our patented Center Locator, carriage bolts and a bracket design that eliminates many difficult steps from the installation process.


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CURT Gooseneck Hitch - OEM-Style

OEM-style gooseneck hitches

CURT OEM-style gooseneck hitches feature a unique design that gives them an original equipment fit, requiring no additional installation brackets or hardware. This unique fitment greatly reduces the installation time and eliminates all drilling, except for the trailer ball hole.

Each CURT OEM-style gooseneck hitch is made in the USA for the utmost quality, and they are available for select Ford and Ram trucks.


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CURT GGooseneck Hitch - Original Double Lock

Original Double Lock gooseneck hitch

The CURT original Double Lock gooseneck hitch is strong, fast and easy to operate. It gets its name from the dual-locking pins that engage the ball and holds it in place, giving you twice the security when towing heavy trailers. Using the heavy-duty operating handle, the trailer ball can be unlocked and flipped over whenever necessary to allow full use of the truck bed.

This gooseneck hitch mounts with vehicle-specific brackets for a custom fit on your truck.


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CURT Gooseneck Hitch - Quick Goose II

Quick Goose II gooseneck hitch

Designed for streamlined operation, this gooseneck hitch features two handles for controlling the gooseneck ball. One is made for raising and lowering the ball, and the other for locking it in place. This eliminates the need to climb in and out of the truck bed when hitching up.

The Quick Goose II also features heavy-duty handles, a chrome trim ring and a carbide black powder coat finish. It installs with vehicle-specific brackets.


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CURT gooseneck hitch - under-bed folding ball

Under-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch

Instead of a gooseneck ball that locks into position using a handle, this CURT gooseneck hitch features a pivoting ball that can be folded down into a storage compartment to be out of the way when not in use.

The CURT under-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch is ready to work, featuring built-in safety chain hookups and a carbide black powder coat finish. It installs with vehicle-specific brackets.


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Farm truck towing flatbed trailer with CURT gooseneck hitch

Explore over-bed gooseneck hitch options:

CURT gooseneck hitch - over-bed folding ball

Over-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch

This over-bed gooseneck hitch features a ball that is mounted on a pivoting mechanism to allow it to swing down into a storage compartment when not in use. It also comes with a T-handle for easy operation of the fold-down feature.

The CURT over-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch has a carbide black powder coat finish and built-in safety chain hookups. It installs with vehicle-specific brackets for each truck application.


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CURT gooseneck hitch - over-bed fixed ball

Fixed ball gooseneck hitches

CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitches are a reliable and work-ready gooseneck option. One of the biggest advantages of the fixed ball is that it can never be loosened or stolen. While not ideal for maximizing the usefulness of your truck bed for hauling other cargo, the fixed ball is extremely secure and ideal for work trucks.

CURT fixed ball gooseneck hitches are available in various design options, including flat-plate, bent-plate and different finishes. They install with vehicle-specific brackets and typically require reinforcement and drilling.


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