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CURT hitches are engineered to be strong and are rigorously tested.



CURT Engineers, Fabricates & Rigorously Tests Our Hitches in the USA

As a top manufacturer of trailer hitches in the towing industry, CURT fabricates all our premiere receiver hitches in the USA. Our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is where we engineer, fabricate, finish, test and ship out each hitch.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that every step of the production process is done on American soil, as we are committed to providing the highest quality products for our premiereers. Our aim is to empower you to pursue your interests and revel in the things you love.

For this reason, we produce quality hitches that last many miles and years to come.



CURT SAE J684 Testing — Ensuring Essential Quality & Safety Standards are Met

CURT hitches are designed and tested to meet SAE J684 standardsSAE J684 is an engineering standard developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that specifies the minimum requirements for the performance, testing, and certification of tow hitches and related towing components. The SAE J684 standard provides a set of guidelines and testing procedures to ensure our tow hitches meet safety and quality standards.

CURT fabricates our hitches to meet SAE J684 standards to ensure quality standards are met. Each trailer hitch designed and fabricated by CURT is engineered to meet this standard and is vertically and lo

One of the key features of the SAE J684 standard is its focus on safety. The standard includes requirements for impact testing, fatigue testing and other tests designed to ensure that the hitch can withstand the stresses and strains of towing. The standard also specifies the materials and manufacturing processes that must be used to ensure that the hitch is durable and reliable.

CURT hitches are engineered to meet the SAE J684 standards, as this standard is widely recognized by the automotive industry and is used by manufacturers, regulators, and testing organizations around the world



CURT Durability Testing — Our Industry Leading, Proprietary Fatigue Testing Process

At CURT, we take the durability of our hitches seriously. Our receiver hitches are tested using our proprietary durability testing process that fatigue tests our hitches to ensure they exceed industry standards and outperform expectations in real-world towing conditions

This extended durability testing process ensures our hitches perform above and beyond industry standards and tests the quality, construction and load ratings of each CURT hitch to ensure they are capable of exceeding the demands that occur over a lifetime of regular towing. This testing process far surpasses industry standards.

Our durability testing process involves triple-axis testing in three-second cycles, simulating multi-dimensional stress that occurs during real-world towing under load. This demanding testing process entails subjecting each hitch to randomized load stressors for a staggering 175,000 cycles, which simulates the stress that is applied to a hitch over a full lifetime of use

Through this meticulous and demanding process, we test the plate steel and welds to ensure there are no cracks or bending to provide a product that is built to last.

Our hitches are built with unrivaled quality and are industry-leading for this reason — they're engineered to exceed the highest standards and are built strong to last many years and miles of use.

For ultimate durability and performance, choose a CURT premiere custom-fit trailer hitch.



CURT Premiere Hitches – For Unrivaled Strength, Longevity & Everyday Towing

Since 1993, CURT has become the go-to choice for everyday towing, large and small. For 25 years our hitches have built a reputation for their brute strength and longevity, as our hitches are designed, fabricated and produced with the highest standards in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

CURT offers a vast, wide range of premiere trailer hitches, from class 1 hitches used for lightweight towing with cars and sedans, to class 5 Commercial Duty hitches, used for heavy-duty towing applications with trailers up to 20,000 lbs. Our premiere series offers a hitch for nearly every vehicle make and model vehicle – over 1,000 hitch designs in all – and are the perfect choice for reliable towing and a long lifespan

Our premiere hitches undergo our proprietary Durability Testing, which far exceeds industry standards. This testing process uses 175,000 cycles of triple-axis load testing to ensure maximum durability. As a result, our premiere trailer hitches outperform others in strength, reliability and longevity, making them the perfect choice for every towing application, big or small

Our premiere hitches are also treated with a proprietary liquid A-coat that protects them from corrosion, and they're finished with a durable, black powder coat finish. This protects the steel construction from rust that can weaken the steel and welds over time

With a CURT premiere hitch, you can trust your trailer hitch to perform flawlessly and last for many miles to come.