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Adjustable Tow Bars - Learn More

Towing your vehicle behind your RV is simple and secure with the CURT adjustable tow bar. This simple vehicle attachment mounts onto the front of your vehicle with bolt-on brackets and provides a standard 2” coupler to hitch up to your RV trailer hitch and ball mount. This enables you to dinghy tow your vehicle with ease, giving you more freedom on your RV adventures.

The CURT adjustable tow bar is simple to install. It comes with two brackets that bolt onto the vehicle’s frame separately. With the brackets in place, the tow bar can be attached using standard hitch pins & clips. This allows you to mount the tow bar only when you need it.

CURT adjustable tow bars adjust in width from 26” to 41”, allowing them to be compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. They are constructed from powder-coated steel and have a weight capacity rating of 5,000 lbs.

When dinghy towing your vehicle, make sure you complete the hitch up with an RV trailer hitch, a proper set of safety chains and a towed-vehicle RV harness or towing lights.

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