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Gooseneck Accessories - Learn More

CURT gooseneck accessories are the perfect complement to the durability and functionality of our gooseneck hitches. We offer a variety of accessories, including specialized gooseneck balls, gooseneck hitch hole covers, installation accessories, as well as replacement gooseneck parts.

Specialized Gooseneck Trailer Balls

While the basic CURT gooseneck ball offers all the towing power needed for towing that heavy-duty flatbed or livestock trailer, a standard trailer ball does not always provide the perfect fit for your unique application. The CURT offset gooseneck ball is a convenient, reliable way to add 4” of rearward displacement to the gooseneck coupling point. For gooseneck trailers with a particularly large front overhand, this gooseneck ball offsets the coupling point, adding clearance between the trailer and cab of the truck. It is designed specifically for the CURT original Double Lock gooseneck hitch and secures in place using the dual-pin locking system. It offers a gross trailer weight capacity up to 20,000 lbs. and a vertical load capacity of 5,000 lbs. (limited to lowest rated towing component).

Similarly, the CURT Double Lock gooseneck riser ball offers a quick, easy way to raise your gooseneck coupling point off the truck bed. It provides 1” of clearance to make room particularly for a truck bed liner. The riser ball uses the same dual-locking system for a secure installation and is compatible with all CURT original Double Lock gooseneck hitches. It features a standard 2 5/16” diameter and offers a gross trailer weight capacity up to 30,000 lbs. (limited to lowest rated towing component).

Replacement gooseneck balls are also available for several of our gooseneck hitches, including all CURT original Double Lock gooseneck hitches and OEM-style gooseneck hitches for Ford and Ram trucks. These trailer balls offer a secure and convenient mounting mechanism that complements the design of each particular gooseneck hitch. We also carry a replacement chrome gooseneck ball collar to be installed over the trailer ball opening in your truck bed. It is compatible with the CURT original Double Lock, Double Lock EZr™ and Quick Goose II gooseneck hitches. The chrome trim ring, combined with one of our gooseneck caps, provides a finished appearance for the bed of your pickup truck and keeps the hitch and trailer ball well protected from the elements.

Installation Accessories

To give you an extra hand during the installation of your gooseneck hitch, we offer a few special installation accessories to make sure your hitch gets bolted in securely and precisely. The CURT original Double Lock gooseneck install tool is a simple bracket that holds your gooseneck hitch in place while you bolt it to the installation brackets. After installing the gooseneck installation brackets and drilling the hole for the gooseneck ball, the install tool can be set in place and attached to the gooseneck hitch. Its simple yet sturdy design works with all CURT original Double Lock gooseneck hitches and makes installation faster and easier. Likewise, the CURT gooseneck hitch cutting guide offers a better way when installing a CURT over-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch. It shows exactly where to drill in your truck bed and helps provide a precise installation.

In the way of safety, CURT offers a gooseneck safety chain U-bolt kit that allows you to easily and securely mount safety chain hookups on one of our fixed ball gooseneck hitches. The kit includes the necessary hardware for a complete installation.

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