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How to Load a Trailer

How to Load a Trailer Guide - CURTHow to Load a Trailer Guide - CURT

Proper Trailer Loading How-To

Follow These 3 Simple Tips!

There are three tips you should follow when loading a trailer of any kind: distribute the weight 60/40, load heavy items first and tie down all loose cargo.

These tips work for any towing scenario, from simple utility trailers to heavy-duty, double-axle trailers.

How to properly load a trailer video

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3 Tips for How to Load a Trailer

Tip 1: Distribute the weight 60/40

When loading a trailer, where should I put the weight?

The simple rule to follow is to place 60% of the weight in front of the axle and 40% behind.

It doesn’t matter if you’re loading a single-axle, double-axle or triple-axle trailer, the 60/40 rule still applies. An unbalanced trailer can lead to trailer sway and other dangers while driving.

How to Load a Trailer Diagram - 60-40How to Load a Trailer Diagram - 60-40

Tip 2: Load heavy items first

Loading heavy items in your trailer first allows you to have a better gauge for following the 60/40 rule, do load them first, distributing the trailer weight more evenly.

Additionally, heavy items will likely damage lighter, more fragile items if they’re loaded on top. Secure your heavy, bulky items first, then find safe, secure locations for your lightweight cargo.

Loading Heavy Cargo onto TrailerLoading Heavy Cargo onto Trailer

Tip 3: Securely tie everything down

No matter what you’re towing, unsecured cargo can bounce out of your trailer and cause a great deal of damage and stress on the road.

Before pulling your trailer away, make sure you tie down any loose cargo with tie-down anchors and cargo straps. Rope or bungee cords may also be sufficient. Tie down any item that is not fastened to the trailer and secure any cargo that may be pulled up by the wind while moving.

Tie Down Cargo After Loading TrailerTie Down Cargo After Loading Trailer


Where should the weight be on a trailer?

More weight should be placed in front of the trailer axle and less weight behind. The ideal distribution of weight is 60% in front of the axle and 40% behind the axle.



Where do you put the most weight on a trailer?

The most weight should be placed in front of the trailer axle. The ideal amount is 60 percent. This leaves 40 percent of the weight that should be placed to the rear of the axle. This will help avoid trailer sway and promote optimal driver control.



What is the proper way to load a trailer?

The proper way to load a trailer is to load heavy items first. Heavy cargo should be placed securely in the trailer bed, and distributed so that about 60% of the total weight is in front of the axle. Lightweight items can carefully be placed around the heavy items and secured with straps.


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