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Assureā„¢ Brake Controller with Dynamic Screen

Looking for a better brake controller experience?

Many brake controllers on the market today use basic electronics and a traditional digital display to communicate vital braking information to the driver. But in today’s world of screens and on-demand information, we think towing a trailer should be much more intuitive.

Instead of giving the driver an array of blinking lights or cryptic numbers, what if everything could be communicated through clear, easy-to-read messages?

Powerful, compact, user-friendly Assure™

Introducing the Assure™ brake controller by CURT. This powerful, compact brake controller features a 1-1/2” wide OLED screen that displays simple, concise, easy-to-read messages to the driver for straightforward trailer brake setup and operation. The screen folds out to ensure a clear view no matter the mounting angle of the controller.

Assure™ is also compact and operates using a powerful triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for smooth, safe braking every time.

CURT Assure Brake Controller 51160CURT Assure Brake Controller 51160

Key features of Assure™

CURT Product Features Assure Brake ControllerCURT Product Features Assure Brake Controller

A modern brake controller experience

Assure Brake Controller Screen DisplayAssure Brake Controller Screen Display

Full text readout

Using its high-quality OLED screen, Assure™ provides the driver with clear, concise, full-text readouts of trailer brake gain, sensitivity settings, operational statuses and diagnostic alerts. The screen also pivots, ensuring a user-friendly view wherever the controller is mounted.

Assure Brake Controller ButtonsAssure Brake Controller Buttons

Tactile buttons

Assure™ is equipped with tactile buttons for comfortable, intuitive use by the driver. It also features a pressure-sensitive manual override button that allows you to apply the right amount of braking to easily correct trailer sway or to reduce speed.

Assure Trailer Brake Controller Low ProfileAssure Trailer Brake Controller Low Profile

Unobtrusive design

Assure™ has a sleek, compact, low-profile design to be unobtrusive on the dash of your vehicle. It mounts using a standard adjustable bracket and can be connected using a CURT vehicle-specific Quick Plug wiring harness for zero splicing required.