Tray-Style Bike Racks

Tray-style bike racks are the latest product in the CURT bike rack lineup. These hitch-mounted bike racks get their name from the tray-like cradles that are used to support the bike when it is mounted on the rack. Rather than using a latch-type cradle to grip the bike frame, the tray-style provides a platform for the bike tires to rest in and uses an adjustable arm to keep the bike secure. This makes loading and unloading bicycles very quick and easy. Also, because there are three points of contact – one on each tire and one on the top tube – the tray-style offers excellent stability.

CURT tray-style bike racks are hitch-mounted and available for 1 1/4” or 2” receiver tubes (Warning: 
Do not install on a trailer or other towed vehicle). The anti-wobble shank keeps bikes steady during travel and better protected against scratching and marring. Tray-style bicycle racks also features adjustable padded arms and cradles to accommodate virtually any bike size and can be folded up for compact storage. The tilt-away frame allows you to easily access the back of your vehicle without needing to remove a single component of the bike rack.

With the tray-style bike rack, it is easier to get loaded up and out on the trail sooner. It comes in 2-bike and 4-bike options, so you can enjoy the ride whether you are pedaling solo or with the whole family.

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