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  • Instantly splices two wires together using only a pliers
  • Aluminum blade pierces both channels to eliminate any stripping or soldering
  • Latching safety lock ensures a reliable connection
  • Double-run wire channel accepts 18-14 gauge wires
  • Side gap allows for easy insertion of existing wire
  • Constructed from high-impact plastic to protect against corrosion
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Shipping Weight 0.300
Part Type Snap Locks
Warranty One Year Limited
Gauges 18-14
Material High Impact Plastic
Quantity Per Package 100
UPC 612314056552

Additional Information

CURT snap locks are designed to make rewiring your trailer or splicing in a converter easy. They provide a more reliable connection for your trailer''s electrical system by keeping the wires more secure and better protected. A snap lock is a two-channel wire connection device that eliminates the need for stripping and soldering wires. It is designed to splice into an existing wire without requiring you to cut, crimp or strip the existing wire.

To connect two wires using a snap lock, simply insert the existing wire and tap wire into the snap lock and squeeze the special snap lock blade with a pair of pliers. Then, fold the latching mechanism over. Just like that a connection is made with no need to worry about hot soldering irons, wire strippers or sharp wires poking out. With the snap lock''s safety lock latch, you can be confident that wires will stay properly connected through all kinds of weather.

CURT snap locks, also known as scotch locks or quick-splice connectors, come in a variety of sizes and feature a high-impact plastic housing with an aluminum blade. The snap locks in this package of 100 are designed to fit 18-14 gauge wire.


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