CURT Bonded 4-Wire Spool #57001

UPC: 612314029112

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  • Standard 4-way wire for rewiring a trailer or a similar application
  • Color-coded wires (green, yellow, brown, white) for easier splicing
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Warranty One Year Limited
Shipping Weight 1.204
UPC 612314029112
Weight 1.25
Length 25 FT

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Trailer lights can be fragile, but they are completely necessary for towing. Whether you're a contractor on your way to the jobsite or just a casual fisherman heading to the boat landing, you need working trailer lights to tow safely and legally. For any towing setup, CURT offers quality, DOT-approved trailer lighting, including complete wiring kits, combination lights and replacement lighting components.

This spool of 16-gauge bonded wiring includes 25 feet of color-coded wire for rewiring a trailer or splicing in a connector. The 4-wire construction can be used for either 4-way flat or 4-way round plugs and sockets.


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